Friday, May 29, 2015

Slobbering love affair.

Ok, I have to admit that I have a slobbering love affair with Nutella.  I had to give up peanut butter since I am fighting leaky gut.  I put off trying Nutella.  I don't like Hazelnut coffee or Hazelnut creamers. I didn't think I would like it.  My Rooster gave me strawberries and Nutella.  I was hooked.  Yes, I actually ate like three bananas with it on them yesterday.  I was thinking all the wonder things that it would taste good on.  Like 'nilla wafers.  OOOps, I can't have 'nilla wafers.  Darn.

I have also found that I now have an aversion to bread.  I just can't eat it.  I tried gluten free bread.  I can't do it.  I had some like corn bread and it wasn't too bad.  Especially in baked potato soup. 

What is the hardest thing for you to get use to on a new diet/lifestyle?  What has been easy?  What tastes good to you that didn't before?

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My review of "The One" by Ryan & Amanda Leak

I received this book from Bloggingforbooks for an honest review.

I wanted to love this book.  I really did.  I love stories about marriages that are great.  But this book didn't hold my interest.  I was very disappointed.  I just couldn't connect with it.  It seemed like too much of the story was about the wedding.  The wedding really is a small part of a marriage.  I am not sure if it was a generational thing.  I just didn't like this book.  I am very happy for Ryan & Amanda.  But I give this book a big miss.

My Rooster and I will be married 18 years in August.  We eloped on a Monday morning.  Our marriage has had ups and downs.  I like to think that we have an awesome marriage.  But we spent so little time on the wedding part. 

What was your wedding day like?  


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Movie Characters in real life.

Meet Meggie.  She is one of my SIL's rescues.  I call her Dobby the House Elf.  We aren't sure what she is.  She is one of the sweetest dogs on the planet.  She was sitting on the couch holding (ok, chewing) one of my socks.  I yelled, "Dobby has clothes."  My Rooster and Bri went crazy laughing.  Next to her is one of the mini doxies.  I think it Scout.  I call him Jimmy Durante.  He has a big snout.  He is a sweetie too.