Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Great Find!

I found one of the best money saver places.  It is the 99cent store.

My haul included gluten free foods, lotions, soaps, etc

I even found organic unrefined sugar 2/99 (1 lbs bags)

I got a small bottle of fabric softener to leave at my SIL's house.  I gave 99 cents for it.  It states 15 loads.  I know that I have done more than 15 loads and still have about half a bottle.  There are people in the house with sensitive skin and there is no reaction.

For $20.25, I brought home five bags of stuff.   From tea, sugar, rice cakes, Liberty Orchards "Sparklers" (candy) to soaps and lotion. 

I think I know where I am going to stock up with my tax return money.

Here is a link to their web site.  http://99only.com

Have a wonderful day.

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