Monday, August 11, 2014

After Anniversary and Birthday

Well, we had our 17th anniversary.  The lovely ladies at our church gave us a 50 dollar gift card to go and enjoy at one of the best BBQ places here in Houston.  I was so grateful as things have been very tight since I left my job.  Rooster, Bri, and I enjoyed brisket, potato salad, cucumber salad, mac & cheese, bread, and iced tea.  We had a wonderful time.  I even had food to bring home.  They give you tons to eat.  Papas BBQ is fantastic.  I love the easy Western style atmosphere.

I celebrated my 44th (ok, my second 22nd) birthday on Aug 7th.  Got tons of hugs and well wishes from my bible study ladies.  Then went home to enjoy my cute little family.  Bri made me a handmade card and a book.  Very cute.  We just spent the rest of the day hanging out.

Now I am cleaning and clearing.  I got rid of tons of stuff.  I am taking all the homeschool related stuff to the park tomorrow as we are meeting up with other homeschool families to trade our stuff.  I thought this was a great idea.  Get rid of stuff to someone who could use it. 

I am ready for the new school year.  We are really liking the four day, six week on, seventh week off schedule.  We are also doing a unit study/project type approach to science and history.  Bri picked insects for earth science.  We are going to finish up the Middle Ages and start a project for history using the American Girl Felicity as the center piece. 

Bri has found that she loves audio books.  She has listed to about 10 books in the last few weeks.  Lots of trips to the library.

I am very happy with the new church that we have found and Rooster has even gone a few times.  We have joined as a family.  It is a very simple place and we like it that way.  Bri loves it and begs to go. 

My business is going fairly well.  I am finding that I enjoy it very much.

I hope that everyone has a very blessed day.


  1. I hope that you had a nice anniversary. My husband I recently celebrated our 36th.

  2. Hey girl! Long time no talk! So glad you are back to blogging. I have missed you. Are you on face book yet?