Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Night is Date Night at the Morgan House

I didn't realize how much we would enjoy date night.  We don't go "out" because we don't know many people around to leave Bri with.  So we started date night at home.  (Great ideas at Dating Divas  See link on sideboard)

Every Friday night we spend time together.  Bri gets something new to watch and a treat to eat.  We watch tv, a movie, or just talk.  We really look forward to it. 

Bri is really good about spending the evening in her room to let Mom and Dad have the night together.  I have helped pave the way for this by Daddy and Bri night on Saturday nights.  They eat dinner together and watch tv, play a game, or watch a movie.  If I am not at work, I use this as Mommy time.  I read magazines, take a nice bath, crochet, or just go to bed early.  Great relaxing and refueling for me.

I didn't think we needed date night before.  But we really look forward to it.  One night I was sick and just went to bed.  Rooster told me that he was very disappointed.  It really makes a difference.

Do you have a date night?  What do you like to do?  Why don't you have a date night?

Have a great weekend.

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