Monday, April 29, 2013

Where do I start?

Things here have gone crazy.  George was laid off from work.  I took a part time job.  We got unemployment.  Work changed their story and we lost our unemployment.  George got a letter telling him he was fired.  So here we are.

George pinched his sciatic nerve and will be off a few more weeks.  He is in constant pain.  We don't have the money to go to the doctor.  But there isn't much that a doctor will do except do a MRI, tell us that they can't find anything and put him on drugs for the pain.  He will not walk down that drugs for pain road.  We don't have the money for the MRI.

I am working at a Home Depot in the Garden department.  I like it.  I enjoy dealing with customers.  It is part time/seasonal.  So I get between 20 and 25 hours a week.  It has been strange going back to work.  I haven't really worked a "real" job since I left the hospital when I found out I was pregnant with Bri.  Spent some days really hurting and sore from standing/walking/lifting.  Plus I am not use to 8 hour days on my feet.  I have to load mulch, pavers, etc same as the guys.

Bri is having some trouble adjusting.  Daddy does the education when I have to work.  That is a good thing as his forte is science and history.  We are trying to make it a positive thing.  But she got really upset one day that I had to go to work.  I was almost crying all the way to work.  But I don't have a choice right now.

I am trying to keep my head up.  I pray so much about George getting better, a new job coming up, and getting back to my job at home.  I have had some very low days.

I joined a Thursday morning Ladies bible study.  In the fall, Bri will be able to join the homeschool bible study.  My friend Kirsten invited me and I really enjoyed it.

Would you please take the time to pray for us today?  I am trying hard not to let this bring me down.  I know worrying is a sin.  I am trying not to let Bri worry either.

My email is    If you would send me some words of encouragement, I would be so grateful.  Some days are worse than others.

Thank you so much.


  1. Aw, Amy, keep your head up. When I pinch my sciatic nerve, I go to a massage therapist who does a great job of rubbing it out. $30-30min. Maybe a couple of trips. Hope George gets to feeling better, and you guys come through this one.

  2. oh goodness...I am so sorry to hear George was laid off and yes, I'll pray for you and add your names to the Sabbath Keeping prayer list.