Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall cleaning

Am I the only one that cleans in the Fall like a Spring clean?  I like to clean and clear before the holidays.

If you follow my home school blog, you have read my post about cleaning bedrooms.  Bri is having trouble getting and keeping her room clean.  So we are spending the week/weekend cleaning her room.  Well, her more than me.  I am hoping that she will see that taking the time to put stuff away and keep stuff organized is so much easier than a big clean that is overwhelming and takes up valuable time.  Her deadline is Saturday morning.  Then I am coming in.  (OH NO!!)

We have decided to sign a year long lease at the apartment that we are in.  We have looked at other places and they are more money and less space.  I am not really happy with some of the neighbors here.  Thankfully, the stinky and gross neighbors have moved.  Too bad the loud obnoxious ones didn't move with them.  LOL  But, I like our two bedroom, two bath, 1000 sq foot apartment.  I don't think I could ever go back to one bath.  Yes, I have to take care of two baths, but it makes things easier.  Plus the views here are great.  The boat marina behind us and the lake in front of us.  Plenty of wonderful sunsets and tons of seabirds to enjoy.  Now if someone would gag the neighbor's kids. 

I don't know about you, but when I was young, you didn't run around screaming outside until who knows what time.  My backside was in the house as the street lights came on or else.  We didn't scream and make a bunch of noise because God forbid that you woke up some one's old man that had to work the late shift.  But there seems to be a huge lack of respect and people who actually parent their kids.  But I guess that is a whole other argument.  I dread to think on what this world is going to be like when these kids get to adults.  But I am sure this is a continuing thing adults say. 

Take care and have a wonderful day.


  1. I like you, love to Fall Clean. Makes me feel great knowing I am ready for the Holidays to come.

    Ohhh you are so lucky to have two baths hehe. We currently are renting a teeny-tiny apt here in Northern California. It is roughly 680 sg ft with one bath, thankfully it is only my husband and I but I long for my own bathroom again LOL

    Yes, there is a HUGE lack of respect with kids these days, and it starts with the parents. But I will also say that when I was growing up and was out in the neighborhood playing if I did anything remotly wrong somehow my mom knew by the time I came home. Why, because the neighbors knew I was a good kid and wanted to keep me that way so they LOVED to tattle on me LOL

    Best of luck with the neighbors, at least you have great views :)

    1. I didn't ever had two baths before. I love it. Especially since there are three of us.

      I can remember even the neighbors told us to knock it off. I knew my folks would know before I got home that something went on. LOL

      Love your Avatar. I have never been to CA. Maybe someday. My Rooster lived there while in the Marines. He liked it. He was in Oceanside and 29 Palms.

      Texas is a far cry from Ohio. We moved here from Ohio in 2009. I never thought of palm trees in Texas. I thought it would be cowboys and Rodeos. Not that I can't find that here in Houston. But never considered that we would live on the coastal region. Didn't care for Houston, but love it here. We are 25 miles North of Galveston and 25 miles South of Houston. I have the best of both. LOL

      Have a wonderful day.