Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Bells, Bells, Bells

Some years back, I joined the Bell Choir at the church that I belonged to in Ohio.  I really enjoyed it. 

Fast forward several years.  I recently joined the Bell Choir at the church that I belong to now. 

The first practice was hard because it had been a very long time since I had played.  I was a bit discouraged.  But the director and the other members cheered me on. 

I went back to practice last night and found that I was getting back into the groove.  I had practiced all week.

Yes, everyone thought I was crazy with my invisible bells.  LOL  My daughter goes "Mom, what in the world are you doing?" 

If you have ever heard a Bell choir play, it is very beautiful.  I think that I will always remember the echo of the bells ringing thru the old 200 year old plus church that I was a member of in Ohio.  And the bats.  For some reason, bell practice made the bats fly out of the steeple and around the sanctuary.  Then there was ringing and screaming.  LOL

God Bless and have a wonderful day.


  1. I have listened to a bell choir before. Beautiful music.

  2. I really like bell choirs also. In high school, our band had a bell section and I always loved to listen to them. Bells seem to speak of Sunday morning, God calling His saints to come worship. Some say the bell was a symbol, house churches used, to call believers to communion.

    In the temple the priest wore bells and had, a rope tied around their one leg. If they had presented the gift of sacrifice before God in a displeasing way, the bells from their hem would stop ringing and they were pulled out of the most Holy place. (Exodus 28:34-35)

    We are also told on the “Day of the Lord” bells will be on the horses to ring out the day as “Holy to the Lord”, the day the Lord will reign. (Zechariah 14)

    The bells were also used to ring out when a saint was welcomed home, into the hands of the Lord, to celebrate their homecoming. Bells have always been a symbol of joy, as long as they rang out; wonderful things were about to happen. Praise the Lord for such a wonderful legacy of joy.