Saturday, May 12, 2012

After a stormy night

We got really heavy storms here last night.  I think it stormed from like 9:30 pm all the way thru until 7 am.  So much lightning.

Bri was at a sleepover with her American Heritage Girls troop.  She told me they screamed a couple of times from the lightning.  I could just picture a room full of giggly girls in a thunderstorm.  LOL

My plants took a beating, but look pretty good.

This is my buddy Jack.  He is so sweet.  He belongs to the downstairs neighbor.

He is hunting the might lizards.  He likes to come up and sleep on our chairs that are outside our apartment.  I keep a box of cat treats on hand.  I also leave him fresh water.  He is always in danger of being loved to death.  LOL

This is our dog Katy.  She is a sweetie too.

If you are into organics, but have a hard time finding them, this site was recommended to me from Mary Jane's Farm magazine.  Check them out.

Have a wonderful weekend and a great Mother's Day.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your storms, but glad to see that all is well. Your local 4 legged friends see like wonderful companions. Thanks for the link, will check them out.
    Mrs. J.