Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Garden at an Apartment???

I have found a way to satisfy my gardening instincts.  I found these bags at Walmart for 5.00 for each bag.

I planted two cherry tomatoes, two green peppers, a banana pepper (that is what happens when you don't double check the pepper you are buying), a slicer type tomato, and basil.  Pretty good for bags on the walkway of your apartment.

I am also putting up a picture of Bri in her Easter dress that her Grammy sent her.

Can you tell it is warm here?  It was about 82 or so.

Love those little bare toes!!  She is trying to grow her hair out since the hair cutting incident.  I was teasing her that she looks like Justin Beber because her hair covers her nose.  She gave me that disgusted look.  I am glad you can't see her lovely bruised and bug bitten legs.  She spent three hours at the park last Thursday and her legs look like they went thru a machine!!!!  Always before pictures she has to cut, bruise, or something herself.  LOL

Also here is my Rooster.  Everyone is in the summer spirit with all the warm weather.

I am trying to finish my Spring cleaning.  I got extra help when I got a notice that they were spraying apartments for insects.  So I had to pull everything from my kitchen.  It really gave me a chance to look at all the expiration dates and such.  I also tossed away half empty stuff that got pushed to the back.  Thankfully, the company that did the spraying used a natural product and the only remaining smell was a very faint lemon smell.  So it was too bad.  So I let it dry for three days then wiped the cupboards with Clorax cleanups and put all the stuff away.  It made me rethink how to put stuff away and I bought a step stool.  So I am making better use of my small cupboards and space now.  I am so grateful for the two plastic shelves Rooster got me for in our walkin closet in our bedroom.

Take Care and God Bless!


  1. Love her dress! Oh and putting the plants in the bags is a great idea.

  2. Love the gardening idea. The dress is so cute too.