Thursday, August 4, 2011

Things are changing!!

I started a new blog.  It is going to be all homeschooling.  You can visit it here:    I am keeping this blog for regular life and stitching.

Check this out:

Also we are most likely moving.  We found a really nice two bedroom, two bath apartment that is much closer to George's work.  This getting up at 4:30 is killing me.  LOL  So now I will be able to sleep in until 5:00.  LOL  I will know more about it after the weekend.  It has a nice pool, playground, fitness room, and activities center.  They have after school programs, so Bri can go do a project while I visit the fitness room.  Maybe I can lose that 50 lbs that I want too???  I am sure that the pool will help.  Bri can't wait.  I have never lived in an apartment, so it will be strange for me.  But the one that we got to look at is really nice. 

Wish us luck.  God Bless and have a wonderful day!


  1. Yay! I'm so excited for you! Hope all works out well for you. Thanks for your sweet comments about my Grandma. I'm just so grateful that God is giving her more time. Hugs, Jackie

  2. Change is exciting and stressful; I pray it will go well and peaceful. It took me over a year to lose 100 pounds and I still have about 30 left to go, so I know the struggle to get it off and keep it off. Glad to hear you are home schooling your children. We did ours from beginning to end, what a blessing.
    Mrs. J.

  3. I hope things workout for you and your family in your new place :-)

  4. Good luck on the possible move.