Friday, March 11, 2011

More fun at the Rodeo

We spent the day at the Rodeo again yesterday.  Bri did mutton bustin again.  She didn't go as far, but she really enjoyed herself.  I think her legs are way too long.  LOL

We spent the afternoon at the park.  We watched one of the other kids fire off the rocket him and his siblings made.  We also got to use a zipline.  Bri loved that.  It was sunny and not quite 70 today.  So it was a great day.

Got my history curiculum.  Story of the World.  It looks good.  I also got Pioneer Days.  That looks even more fun.

I won a great book online called "Everthing Homeschooling."  It is a great book.  There is also a website that is very helpful.  Please visit    Lots of ideas and help.

Have a wonderful day!


  1. Amy! Mutton Bustin! :) I used to raise Columbia sheep... (they are very large whiteface sheep) We raised purebred and registered stock... at one ram sale, I had a guy come up and ask me if I would consider supplying the rough stock at the Mutton Bustin! too funny!!! Tell her to keep trying

  2. What fun! And a sweet sweet picture too. Love the bluebonnets in the background - one thing I miss about Texas! -Tammy