Monday, February 28, 2011

Monday Afternoon

We spent the morning out at chicks and rabbits days at the feed stores.  Love that.  Bri really enjoyed herself. 

I found a really nice company that is in Ohio that makes great soaps and other products.  Please visit them.

Very nice people.  Natural products.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 24, 2011


It is a muggy and windy day here in Houston.  It feels like it is going to storm.

I went out and took some pictures and my Hubby took two pictures of a lizard.  So here they are:

This is Gardinia getting ready to bloom.

Have a great day.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

HomeKeeping Journal

This week’s Homekeeper’s Journal is about homemaking, of course and…… Being Gentle.

“Behold your King is coming to you, gentle, and mounted on a donkey” (Matt. 21:5; cf. Zech. 9:9)

Gentleness is one of the Fruit of the Spirit. We’re commanded to be gentle with others. In the Bible the word Meekness means Gentleness. Most women don’t have too hard a time being gentle or meek. The problem women sometimes have with gentleness is in thinking that gentleness equals weakness.

In my kitchen this week ….. steak, baked sweet potatoes, meatloaf, and brownies.

On my mind this week … Being grateful and remembering all my blessings.

Gentleness is one of the Fruit of the Spirit so as a Christian ….. I want to show more gentleness.  It is one of the fruits that I need to work on.

When the Bible says that Moses was the meekest of all men (Numbers 12:3), it reminds me that …. I need to listen more and speak less.

The gentle person has died to self, so when I am gentle in situations that cause others to be angry and violent (Proverbs 16:32; 25:28) …..I see God working in my life.

Knowing that gentleness is not cowardice or lack of conviction (1 Peter 22-23), I am encouraged to ….have more of it in my life.

Please visit


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday Tales

This is Bri's hat for President's Day.  She made it herself.

We spent Saturday at Galveston.  It was so foggy.  All day.  I guess that I am just not use to sea fog.  It hung around all day.  We went to the Strand district.  It is the historical district.  Lots of little shops and things.  We watched the guy make salt water taffy.  From pouring the candy on the water cooled table, put on the puller, then to the stretcher/wrapper.  Bri watched the whole process.  She was fascinated.  Plus the guy tossed her a few candies.  She is a fan for life.  They made candy corn flavored taffy.  To me, it smelled like cream soda.  The guy that makes the taffy also makes about 1/2 the candies that are sold in the shop.  I think that he said that he had been making candy 35 years.

I bought these items at Scent sations.  Anne's site is on my sidebar.  Please visit her.
The pink soap is rose and the tan soap is oatmeal.  The crab is a bath fizzy for Bri.  The Lolipop soap is for her too.  Anne is very friendly and kind.  I like going in her store.  Plus it smells wonderful.

I'll end with a recipe.

Quick Chicken Tortilla Soup

1 can chicken broth (14.5 oz)
2 cans tomatoes with green chilies  (14.5 oz)
1 16oz jar of your favorite salsa
1 can Cheddar cheese soup
1 can Pepper Jack cheese soup
1 16oz package Velveeta cheese, cut up
2 cups of cooked chicken, shredded

Combine all except chicken and put in a crock-pot.  Cook on low 10-12 hours.  Add Chicken and cook on high for an hour.

Serves 14-16 cups

Thursday, February 17, 2011


One of my friends on Homeschool Lounge posted this video that her daughter did.  Will you please go to the link and watch it?  It is only a 3 minute video.  I think that she did a fantastic job.

We went to lunch, walked thru Toys-R-Us, and stopped at the Christian Family Store.  Bri loves Bearstain Bears.  I do too.  The books and videos are cute and have good values.

It is 73 degrees and I have Spring fever really bad.  I am dreaming about gardens and plants.  I want to get a 2-tiered raised bed form and a raised bed form with a trellis.  I saw them at Lowe's. 

Here is a recipe:

Just Peachy
1 refrigerated pie crust, at room temperature
1 16 oz bag of frozen peaches, thawed
1 tsp cinnamon
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 tsp nutmeg
3/4 cup flour
Another 1/2 cup sugar
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup pecans

Unfold pie crust and place on a pizza pan
Cut peaches into small pieces and place on crust
Mix together cinnamon, sugar, and nutmeg.  Sprinkle on peaches.
Mix together flour, sugar, butter, and pecans and put on top of that.
Bake at 425 for 25 minutes.

Serve warm with ice cream or whipped cream.

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Morning

I wanted to share this article written by a new friend.  It is about socialization, schools, and homeschooling.

Please go and read this and leave her a comment.  I thought that it was a really good post.  Thank you!!

Here are some pictures of the puppies:

Cute as bugs ears!

Have a wonderful day!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

HomeKeeping Journal

This week’s Homekeeper’s Journal is about Spring Time Plans.

In my kitchen, I plan to ….. use more fresh fruit and veggies.

Plans with the children ….. I want to get some trips in before it gets too hot.  Late Spring into Summer can be very hot and muggy here in Houston.

Plans with the husband ….. Get a container garden going.  He is going to set up a 55 gallon tank with Discus fish.

Plans for my house ….. Clean it up and air it out.

Garden Plans ….. I am going to give it a try again this year.  I can only do containers.  Last year wasn't a great first time container year.  Hopefully, this year, it will be better.

Other Plans ….. I would like to finish my tea towels that I got that the Houston Quilt Festival.  They are red embroidery on white towels.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!

I found this on my web surfing.  I love lilacs.  I had a beautiful lilac bush that was my Grandma's at the house that I lived in back in Ohio.  I miss it.  It smelled heavenly.

I would like to share the wonderful swap that I got from Molly.  I joined the swap over at Parsley's blog.

There were rooster stickers to crow about, a beautiful Valentine, a handmade heart, chocolate covered sunflower seeds (mmmmm), a scarf pattern, and a gorgeous cross stitch kit with a butterfly in it.  I love what I got.  Thanks again, Mollye!!!  Please visit her at

We are going to be making Valentines, baking cupcakes with Valentine decorations, and we are all going out to lunch at Saltgrass SteakHouse.  Mmmmm.

Happy Valentine's Day to all!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Spring Cleaning is on my mind.

Are you ready to Spring clean?  Do you Spring Clean?

I want to get everything cleaned up and organized so I can start thinking about my container garden. 

Please visit my friend Sylvia's blog for great homemade cleaner ideas.  She has a wonderful blog and runs the CHK forum and site.  Both links are on my sidebar.

I am planning on a very small garden this year after last years failure.  I need to learn more about this climate and zone.  It can be extremely hot and extremely wet.  Plus I haven't seen too many bees.

I got my math curriculum.  I purchased Horizons Grade one.  I really like it.  I got the teacher's edition and book one and two.  If you are looking for a reasonably priced math curriculum that has nice workpages, this one may be for you.  I got it at  It was about 65.00.  That is for the whole year. 

I am going to leave you with a recipe:

Easy slaw

1/2 cup vinegar
2 Tbsp flour
1/4 cup sugar
1 Tbsp prepared mustard
1 Tbsp celery seed
1 bag packaged coleslaw
1/2 cup chopped Vidalia onions
1/2 cup chopped green peppers (I also like orange or red too)

In a skillet, blend vinegar, flour, sugar, mustard, and celery seed over medium heat.

Stir until mixture is thickened and add vegetables.

Remove from the heat.

Serve warm or cold.

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

On Fox New Website today

HomeKeeping Journal

This week’s Homekeeper’s Journal is a Hodgepodge of Thoughts and Ideas!

In My Kitchen this week ……… Stew and lots of take out. 

Foremost in my thoughts this week …….. What kind of world did I bring my beautiful daughter into?  I cringe everytime I see the news.  Is it that bad or does the bad things make for better ratings and good things are left out?

I’ve been so busy with …….. trying to get things in order.  It is very hard when you live with family.  I have to put things off in order to stay out of her way.  It is her place.

Could someone please …….. just do what you are told the first time and not argue or question everything?  Can I just get some support and not be made to feel like I don't count?

I’ve been wanting to do this for so long …….. Go somewhere by myself and just relax.

If I manage things just right …….. maybe I can get done what I need to get done and not have to worry.

Have a wonderful day!

Thursday, February 3, 2011


It is 32 degrees here.  The fun will be coming soon.  We expect sleet, freezing rain, and snow tonight.  They tell us that there could be three inches of snow on the ground by tomorrow.  Houston is a ghost town.  You see, they own no plows.  Three inches will cripple the city.  All they have here is a chemical that they spray and a sandy/rocky mix that they put on the roads.

Being from Ohio, I don't think 3 inches is a winter storm.  But I don't want to be on the untreated roads or with drivers that are scary when it is dry.  LOL

So I spent my day doing homeschool work, crochet, and drinking tons of tea.  My house smells good.  There is stew in the crockpot.  Something about cold and snow that makes me hungry for stew or chili.  And biscuits.

I hope to have pictures of the afghan I am making for my sister tomorrow.  I want to have it done so I can send it out.  Not that any planes are leaving with mail.  I think both airports are closed.  I plan to start one for my friend and then one for my Mom for her birthday in April.  Her and Dad's anniversary is in April also.  I told her that I would give them their gifts when I saw them in May when we go to Ohio for a week.

I am glad to be going visiting Ohio in May.  I haven't seen my parents or my sisters in almost two years.  Not that we were really close.  But my parents are nearly 80 years old and I know that my time to visit isn't too long.  But that it is in God's hands.

Have a wonderful evening.  Stay warm and dry.  God Bless.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

HomeKeeping Journal

This week’s Homekeeper’s Journal is all about crafting and creating ……….

In My Kitchen this week ……

I haven't been baking much this week.  I can't today because we are having rolling blackouts and I never know when I am going to lose power.

When I think about Crafting/Sewing/Making Things, I want to …

Hurry upstair and grab the lastest project that I am working on.  Right now, I am finishing a throw afghan for my sister.  I am going to make one for my friend and for my Mom next.

My favorite creative outlet it ……..

Needlework or crochet.  I love samplers. 

A Craft that I’d like to learn is ….

Knitting.  I haven't learned yet.  I am wanting to make socks.  There are so many great sock yarn colors and combos.

One Craft that I can do but don’t do much is ….

Quilting.  I just don't have the room for all the stuff.

An unusual Craft that I can do or would like to do is ….

I do quilling.  I haven't done it in a long time.

Another Craft that I secretly long to do but don’t right now is ….

Make jewlery.  I am not a big jewlery fan.  But I like shawl pins and the like.

The Craft/Creative Work that I have no desire whatsoever to do ……

Paint.  I am not that creative.  LOL

Baby it's cold outside!!

Yuck.  I thought that I had left the cold and ice back in Ohio.

We hit a low of 19 last night with 25-30 mph winds.  So it felt like 9 or something.  The rolling blackouts started at 5:45.  Oh, we needed that.  So the power was on and off all morning and most of the afternoon.  I have never experienced that.  I think it is really weird.

Plus there is a 75% chance of sleet/snow Thursday night and Friday morning. 

Please let me check the map and see if I am still in south Texas!!  I was talking to my Mom in Ohio this morning and it was warmer there.  LOL

Please take a moment to say a prayer for the people of Australia.  They have had an awful stormy summer and are getting hit with a massive cyclone (hurricane).  It is hitting where they just had all the flooding.

Have a wonderful day and stay warm.  LOL

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday Tales

It has dropped from the 70's to 41 here.  The Weather Channel said that it dropped from the 70's to the 40's in 17 minutes after the front went thru.  That is a huge change.  We expect the low 20's and really high winds tonight.  Snow is in the forecast for Thursday night/Friday morning. 

So I am thinking about Chili.  And about cornbread.  LOL

Do you put beans in your Chili?  We did in Ohio.  In Cinnci, they pour Chili over spagetti and put onions and cheese on it.  Never did that.  Sounds yucky.  I like the Chili here with no beans.  It can be very spicey.  Love it with corn chips too.

Have a wonderful day.  Please stay safe.  If you are going out into the storm, please have your storm kit with you.  If you are home, watch heaters and such if the power goes out. 

God Bless.