Thursday, January 6, 2011

It's snowing in south Texas!!

Here is the first snowflake in my Blizzard Project.  I used I Love This Cotton from Hobby Lobby.  It is white with a metallic thread thru it.  I think it is call Spark.

I was excited about a program that we were going to at the homeschool group.  A local library was going to tell us about a program for homeschoolers.  I was kind of disgusted with it.  It wasn't really a program.  It was to get volunteers to shelf books, cut paper out for kids projects, etc.  I guess I thought that it was a way to get kids to do their work for them.  I am sure that they would learn something out of it.

Bri is excited about a field trip to CiCi's Pizza.  I think Pizza is her most favorite food.

I am not feeling really great today.  I think I am just tired.  I haven't been sleeping well.  Too many dogs on the bed.  LOL

Have a fantastic day!


  1. Your snowflake is wonderful Amy! Can't wait to see more. Are there different styles of snowflakes to crochet or is it one pattern?

    Yes that is rather crappy about the library's shameless plug for itself. I tell you I shake my head at what I hear about some libraries.

    You feeling craptastic too? I sorry, let's commiserate and fill each other with wonderfulness that is you and me! LOL!!!

    Have fun at CiCi's, pizza is usually good for what ails us, with extra cheese! Love you sweetie.

  2. I love the snowflake and what a fun project to be a part of.
    We are getting snow here in Iowa today too-some virus has invaded the house and I have one kiddo down with fever and croupy cough. So no school day-just enjoying the snow falling and the warm house. Hope you feel better soon Amy!

  3. You'd be surprised at what kids can learn from volunteering. I taught my son to clean bathrooms for home skills and I don't regret it. He had to clean bathrooms at this first job as a bagger in a grocery store. Kids can't volunteer when they are in school all day long either. The snowflake looks great.