Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Morning

We had a wonderful time yesterday at the church picnic/BBQ.  My Ohio friends came.  They set up a "splash town" for the kids.  All had a wonderful time.  I baked two loaves of french bread and made deviled eggs.  We had brisket and Hill Country sausage.  Plus all the fixins.

We went to Deerbrook Mall in Humble.  It was nice to walk around in the A/C.  The kids loved Build a Bear.  Bri wants one for her birthday.  I told her we would see.  I can't see spending that much for a stuffed animal.  I think I will offer her an American Girl Doll instead.  For the money (crazy anyways) I would rather buy the doll.  She'll be six.

We are getting ready to go to Kemah for the week.  We have to watch the weather and could have to cut our stay short and come home.  Prayers for us.

Have a wonderful week.  I should have more pictures when I get back.  Love ya.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Not been around much.

I have been with my friends from Ohio.  So I haven't been on the computer much.  We are having a really good time.

I am a bit concerned as the possible first hurricane of the season maybe coming into the Gulf.  We have plans to stay in Kemah this week.  We may have to cut our stay short and come home.  The girls may have to cut their visit short.  It is up in the air now.  We will know more on Monday.

I will have pictures when I get back from Kemah.  We are planning to be there until Thursday.  It is in God's hands.

Spent two days in Galveston.  My favorite place.  Would like a cabin or something there some time.  Love it.

Have a wonderful week.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday Morning

Can you believe that I have the place to myself???  I don't know what to do first.    LOL

It is going to be a scorcher today.  Heat index of 108 possible??  Yuck.  That means that I most likely won't be going anywhere.

I made scones last night.  I cheated big time and made some that I found in the refrig section at the grocery store.  They came in a tube like cinnamon rolls.  They are organic.  Orange and cranberry.  Mmmm good with butter followed up by a nice cup of British tea.

I actually though of joining Bri in the wading pool last night.  Ha Ha   But Katy beat me to it.  She doesn't look like a puppy anymore.  She is getting big.

Here are some views of the flowers.  It is amazing to me that they can stand the heat.  These get some shade.  But it is still really hot.

Well, I guess I should do something today.  Have a wonderful weekend.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Look at what I found.

I found this and scanned it.  This is my hubby and I walking thru swords raised to us a few days after our wedding.  This is what we wore to get married.  The beautiful dress I have on was made by a dear friend that passed away.  I will always love re-enactments.  It is reverse of the photo for some reason.  I am not familar with my scanner.  If you click on the pic, it will enlarge. 

Friday Afternoon

Not much going on.  We pulled boxes out of the attic as the A/C guy was coming to work on it.  I opened some of the boxes.  I found some more of my kitchen stuff.  Found some other stuff.  I was overjoyed to find the quilt I have been trying to finish for Bri.  I started it when I was pregnant with her.  It just needs the binding on it.

I will have the day to myself tomorrow.  Bri and George are going on a train ride.  The train gets robbed and the Lone Ranger saves the day.  So I am sure that they will enjoy themselves.  If SIL can behave for an afternoon.  So I plan on lots of crafts and pots of tea!!!!

I talked to my sister for over an hour.  The new lawyer that they hired is taking care of things.  So sister has chilled out and I am less worried about her.  It is a shame that the kids Dad is such a jerk.  He is married to someone else and they have a child.  Why does he have to keep bothering my niece???  The wife sends her nasty text messages and such too.  They really need to get a life. 

My friends from Ohio will be here Tuesday night.  I can't wait.  We got a hotel in Kemah to be closer to where they are staying.  So I will be gone Mon - Thurs the last week of June.  Plus we are going to stay at the cabin where they are staying the night of the 4th to watch the fireworks over the Bay.  It will do me lots of good to have my friends around me.  I haven't had an easy time finding friends here in Texas.  I can't find anyone that shares my interests. 

Well, I need to go.  SIL is due home from work and she'll expect dinner.  Take care and have a wonderful weekend.  I'll try to remember to post pics of my crafty day.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday Morning

I have not been on much the last few days.  I haven't really felt like blogging.

My pals from Ohio will be here next week for two weeks.  I am most grateful for that.  I am planning to stay in Kemah for a couple nights.  George, Bri, and I. 

I got a very upsetting call from my sister yesterday.  My niece's ex boyfriend is making trouble for her again.  He called her up after midnight and told he that he went to court and got custody of the kids.  He is in Ohio and they are in AZ.  Then he later called and got one of the kids on the phone and told them that he was coming to get them and they would live with him forever.  Needless to say, the kids were then upset.  He is a serious problem.  This is the sister that had a massive heart attack.  They were never married.  He has several other kids by several other girls.  It is a huge mess.  The lawyer has it in hand.  Please pray for these kids.  They have been thru enough.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Yucky morning

It is kind of a yucky morning here.  The house was in lots of tumoil and strife over the weekend.  So I am just exhusted.  Emotionally exhusted.  It is quiet now.  SIL went to work, Bri is playing V-smile upstairs, hubby is off today, but he is watering the plants. 

How does one deal with a difficult person?  Especially one that you have to live with???  It is straining our marriage, making my daughter act up and be snotty, and leaving me with knots in my stomach.  I cannot talk to this person.  It is impossible. 

Please pray for us.  We are in need of it.  If you have scripture that you think might help, it will be most welcome.  I think this is testing my faith too. 

Saturday, June 12, 2010

And the winner is ......

OneCraftyBugger.  Email me at with your addy.  Congrats!!!

On a funny note.  My daughter has decided that she wants to have 16 kids when she grows up.  I said 6, she goes no, 16, you know one six??  I told her good luck.  I told her that she should consider living on a big farm.  She says where else could I keep all my critters.  I asked her if her critters were her babies or her animals.  She told me both.   LOL   I told her that she better learn how to make bread, her own laundry soap, etc.  Then my SIL pipes in and tells her to check out her choice of husband's paychecks first.  He better make a big six figure.  That kind of upset me a little.  It is always money with her.

Well, I am baking bread, cleaning up the loft, watering the garden, and keeping Bri busy today.

Have a good day and God bless.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wednesday Extra

If you are looking for a fresh new look, pop over to Shabby Blogs.  Megan has 30+ new summer styles.  Her button is on my sidebar.  All free.  Gotta love that!!

Have a great day.

Over the hump day

Good morning.  It has been stormy on and off yesterday and today.  I got caught in a nasty storm driving yesterday.  Thankfully God was watching over us.  I was driving with hubby and Bri in the truck.

I found this recipe somewhere to use up cucumbers.

1 8oz cream cheese, softened
1 T mayo
3 T grated cucumbers
1 T green onion tops

You can add cucumber to your taste.  Serve this on crackers, party bread, melba toast, or to make cucumber tea sandwiches.

I am sharing the pictures of my 10 minute preemie hats.  I can't find the site that I got the pattern.  But if you go to All free crochet. com you will most likely find it as that is where I went then got sent to another site.  They really do up nice and fast.  I am using up my stash of Caron Simply Soft.

Made a loaf of potato bread from a mix I bought.  It is George's favorite.  He was very pleased with it.  I saw potato flour at the grocery store and my Mom says that she seems to remember that her Grandma used mashed leftover potatoes to make this bread. 

Well, I have tons to do today.  Take care and God Bless!!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Monday Morning

She says that this is her "fearless" face.  LOL

Good Morning.  It is a stormy day here.  But we need the rain.

It was very hot and humid this weekend.  So we spent lots of time in the house.  We counted 75+ Littlest Pet Shop animals!!!!  Everyone picks them up for Bri.  Starting when she was 3.  And no duplicates.  Isn't that funny??

She decided she wanted to get a pic in her Jessie dress up clothes.  So we got quick pics.  It is very hot out, so we made it quick.  We went to Whataburger and got burgers for lunch.  That was a treat.  Then I let her watch a movie then tossed her in a cool bath.  She played in the tub for 45 minutes.  She had wanted to go out to her wading pool, but it was so muggy that I just let her get in the tub.  We are still trying to get use to the south Texas summer.  And we have a long, long way to go.  LOL

I am getting ready to do laundry and bake another loaf of bread.  I am making potato bread this time.  It is a mix.  This is one of George's favorite breads.

I got a nice pattern for preemie hats.  So I have been working on them over the weekend.  Each hat takes about 10 minutes.  I am trying to use up my stash of leftover yarns.  I will post pics soon and the site that has the pattern.

Have a wonderful day.

Friday, June 4, 2010

MY 100TH POST!!!

Can you believe that it is my 100th post??  So I am having a giveaway.  Taste of Home 2009 Holiday Cookbook and Country Woman 2009 Christmas.  Leave me a comment if you want to be entered.  Put a link on your post for your name to be entered twice.  Have the person mention your name.  Good Luck!  I will draw the name next Friday morning.

On a sad note, I can't watch the news.  The pictures coming from the Gulf are sickening.  Where is Greenpeace, the WWF, Seaworld, PETA, and all of those so called animal people now????  There are animals dying on the shores and no one is helping to clean them up.  It is disgusting.  So if you have given money to these organizations over the years, how do you feel now?  They have the expertise and the equipment to save these animals.  They are doing nothing.  Dawn dishwashing liquid is giving there soap to anyone who will help.  It is the only thing that works.  Would you go and help?  I would in a minute.

I also think that we should be working on getting the spill stopped and the clean up going rather than start the lawsuits.  If we bankrupt BP, who will pay for everything??  Are we just going to add it to the debt we are already swimming in? 

God help us. 

Is this going to be a memory??

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Gunfight at the Bri Corral!!

Bri and Daddy were playing cowboy/cowgirl and Indians.  Isn't this a riot??  LOL