Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Morning

My lavender is blooming.  It smells heavenly.

I lost a day somewhere!!!!  Where did Wednesday go?

I tried a recipe in my bread machine for a white loaf.  I went for exceptionally easy.  It is called Best Bread Machine Bread.  I got it at  This is the description:  "This is a very easy to follow recipe that promises to be foolproof.  It makes a soft bread with a flaky crust."  It was.  It is a more dense loaf.  I actually ate a piece of it with nothing on it.  I added 3 teaspoons of Hodgekins Mills Glutten.  It touched the top on both rises.  Find it at

For those who asked.  George lost his eye in 1992.  He got metal in his eye some months before.  He was working on an oil rig and got stagnate water in it along with the metal, which he didn't know had gone in his eye (the metal).  He got a staph infection.  Plus he is a type two diabetic.  Well the staph went all thru his body.  It killed the optic nerve.  You can lose 50% of vision in one eye and not notice it.  By then, it was too late.  The infection nearly killed him.  He donated what he could, then had the surgery to remove his eye, some bone and muscle. 

I didn't meet him until 1995.  So I haven't known him any other way.  It is funny because I don't even think about it.  When people say something, that is when I remember it.  I saw him once with the glass one.  It really bothers him, so he doesn't wear it.  It was kind of strange. 

Well, I think that is about all today.  I am finishing Bri's teacher's blanket and starting a Mile-a-Minute afghan for my Mom for Christmas.  Plus I am working on Sunbonnet Sue blocks to make a quilt for Bri.  Bri's teacher's blanket has been going on and on.  I can't seem to finish it!!!

Have a blessed day.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tuesday Tales


I found my bread machine!!   It is a West Bend America's Best.  It didn't have a manual.  So I went looking on the web.  I found a great site called Hillbillyhousewife.  She has a post called What to do when your manual is missing.  It is great.  Great site for info and recipes.

Putting laundry and other stuff away today.  Trying to get a handle on the boxes that are still unpacked.  SIL is not happy that the area behind the bar is full of boxes.  So I have to figure out something.  I think most of it is depression glass, Fiestaware, and kitchen items.  So we will have to pull all the boxes out, open them, then rewrap and put the stuff in plastic tubs and put them outside by the garage.  It has a overhang, so the stuff will be covered.  I don't know what else to do.  The closets and attic is completely full of SIL stuff.  So I have to do some planning to get stuff out of her way.  Though the bar is never used.  Grrrrr.  Living under someone else's roof.

Well, I need to get back to my chores.  Made my raspberry bars yesterday.  I added sliced peaches on top of the raspberry jam.  It was a big hit with my hubby.  I also added some berry granola to the top.  MMmmm   It smelled so good baking.

Have a wonderful day.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Monday Afternoon

Can you believe that it is the last week of school??  This year already has been flying.

Started my "green cleaning".  I used baking soda to scrub my bathroom sink and vanity.  I also used a half cup baking soda and a half cup vinegar down the drain.  That is the fastest the drain has ran since we moved here.  I plan on doing this every Monday.  I like that there is no residue left and no cloud of chemical smell.  The vinegar smell left fairly quickly.

I even put vinegar in with my towels that I washed today.  I am skipping the dryer sheet so that the towel will be more absorbent. 

I bought a reusable bag at each of the stores that I shopped at over the weekend.  I am trying to cut back on the tower of plastic bags that we have to corral.  I got a great one with a rooster on it.  It is nice because I can wipe it off with a towel and even wash it with a little soap if I have to.

George is teasing me that I am going green.  I am just trying to save a few dollars and have a less toxic home.  I am not becoming a tree hugger or a vegan.  Not that it is a bad thing, but it isn't for me.  I want Bri to have a healthier life.  I told him that I wasn't ready to chain myself to a tree yet.   LOL

I got a heck of a deal.  When I went to Krogers, the organic milk was on clearance.  Organic isn't very popular here.  So I got organic milk for 2.99 a gallon.  I was very happy.  It does taste so much better.  But I can't see 5.99 a gallon.  Bri likes the organic singles.  They are about a dollar a piece, so I do that. 

Well, I am planning on making raspberry bars this afternoon.  It is a boxed mix, but they are so good and easy.  I am looking for my bread machine.  I got it in Ohio right before we moved.  I have never used it, so I am wanting to try it.  I saw a mix for sourdough and that is George's favorite.  So I think I want to try it.  He loves potato bread too.  I will be a baking fool once I find it and figure out how to work it.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Our puppy.

Fantastic Friday

Bri's grape tomato plant.  She has picked at least six already.

Katy is looking for birds.


My lavender is blooming.  Yippy!!!

Hello.  How is everyone this morning?  We are well.

I have a few pics to share of my garden and the puppy.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tuesday Tales

Isn't it cool to have matching swim suit, bag, sunglasses, and flip flops??

I am learning to be careful what I wish for.   LOL  I wished for some rain.  It poured Friday night, Saturday morning, and Monday night.  Ok, that's enough.

I thought it was Bri's last week of school, but she has one more.  Thank God.  I have more things that I want to get out of the way.

We started a chore chart yesterday after she got home from school.  If I would have known what excitement this caused, I would have done it sooner.  She was running around looking for things to do for the magnet on the board.  It was really funny.  I went ahead and spent 10.00 on a pre-made one.  Plus it has a dry marker side on the back.  I didn't feel like messing around with it.  It is a magnet board with little magnets for the day, the chore, and the reward at the end of the week, etc. 

We have been getting grape tomatoes.  Bri loves them.  It is funny to be picking tomatoes in May.  I had to take off some of the Roma tomatoes.  They had blossom-end rot.  It can be very damp here and I am using containers.  I am learning. 

Well, I want to get my chores done.  Have a wonderful day.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Meanderings

This is the ok, hurry up Mom, I am sick of pictures picture!!!  What a face.

Good morning.  It is the last week of school.  So I am getting projects ready to keep Bri busy.  We will be working on cursive writting, tying shoes, writting a book, and joining the summer reading program at the library.  Plus I am making a chore chart.

We are keeping her at the school she is at for Kindergarden.  She likes it there.  Plus after the 1300 mile move last year, I don't want to move her again.  She'll go to 1st grade at another Christian school that goes thru the 12th grade.  We have decided that we want her to do the Christian school all the way.  No PC crap there.  I had been thinking about homeschooling.  But she really enjoys the classes and the interaction with the other kids.  It is difficult with one.  So I am happy that the decision  is made.  One less thing to think about.  Plus we do lots of things at home.  It seems to be the perfect fit for us.  It is good that she can pray, say the Pledge of Alligence, learn the word, and worship right at school too.  Plus have all the school memories that we who went to school remember.

Well, I have to run errands.  This puppy is eating us out of house and home!!!!  And George needs salt for his saltwater tanks. 

Have a blessed day.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

From Seasons of my Mind

A job well done!!

I got these questions from my friend Parsley's blog.  Copy them on your blog and have fun with it.

If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?

I would be a cat.  Why?  OMG don't they just have the life??  I would want to be a Tortie.

Which food type do you crave?  Salty, sweet, hearty, carby, greasy

Salty and sweet

Someone just put a post-it note on your forehead.  What does it say?


Have you ever smelled your own feet?  If so, describe the smell.

Mine smell like shoes!!   LOL

If you could own any pet other than a dog or cat, what would it be?

Everyone I could possibly have room for.   Ha Ha

Come on, have some fun with this!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bri's program

Bri is in the white dress.  The little boy on her right (the one in jeans) wants to marry her.  LOL

Bri and Ms. Houston

Fantastic Friday

This is looking out into the Gulf from Murdoch's.  It is a gift shop that was opened in 1910.  It was rebuilt 13 months after the hurricane.  The posts out in the water is what is left of the famous Balenase (spelling??) Room.  It was a historic building.

Guess who wants a pool now??

Not much today.   We are going to Bri's end of the year program at the school today.  I will have to get some pics.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday Morning

Good Morning.

Today they are laying my Grandma's sister to rest.  She passed away last week.  She had been in a nursing home and was getting worse.  My best memory of her is that she stopped to see my daughter when I brought her home from the hospital.  It warmed my heart to see her holding my daughter.  She held my Dad and Uncle and all my sisters, their kids, me and my daughter.  She never married or had kids.  Aunt Bee, I love you and will miss you very much.  But I know she is with her family now.

Have a blessed day.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Over the hump day

My mermaid

Good Morning.

I went and got a haircut yesterday. I feel much better. It is easier to fix now. Plus it only cost me 20 bucks. I got the wonderful feeling of someone else washing my hair, a cut, and a blowdry with a brush. I was happy. I don't know what it is, but I enjoy getting my hair washed.

George told me I looked fantastic. So that made me feel good too. He isn't one to complain because I like to wear short hair. I prefer it chin lenth. I am a wash and wear gal.

My garden is coming along. I have green tomatoes on all my tomato plants. I pulled the cucumbers and planted summer squash instead. They are great chopped with onions, olive oil, salt, and pepper then put in a foil pack and tossed on the grill. I got a few more herbs. I had empty containers. So I just filled them up.

Back to our trip to Galveston. The 6th was George's birthday. So we ate at Saltgrass. It is a steak house chain. Their soups are really good. They have a loaded baked potato soup that is out of this world. I like the chicken enchilada too, but it is really spicy. They have great homemade beer bread. They have great cheesecake too, but we passed on that. George can't have bread and cake. And he didn't bring his insulin. So we walked along the beach instead. He only takes insulin when he needs it. Maybe once every couple of days. He controls it best with diet and exercise.

Well, here are a few more photos. Have a wonderful day and God bless!!!

Isn't this a riot!!

The Galvez.  Isn't it gorgeous??

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Tales

Good Morning.  I am rested up and cleaned up from our vacation. 

We had a wonderful time.  The weather was beautiful.  Not too hot. 

The location of the Hotel was perfect.  The beach in front of the hotel was quiet.  Not many people around.  So we basically had it to ourselves.  We didn't swim there.  There are Jellyfish and Man-O-Wars.  But we walked on the beach and collected shells.  It is funny how warm the ocean water is.  It was about 75 degrees. 

We also had the hotel swimming pool to ourselves.  That is why we picked mid week.  Even George joined in and went swimming too.  He has to be careful about clorine and his eye socket.  He lost his eye a number of years ago and it is sensitive.  But the hotel used something else than clorine.  So we all had fun together.  It was really funny, because the birds knew it is fresh water and kept landing in or around the pool.  It was something to float on your back and watch all the birds flying over.

I love the Brown Pelicans.  They fly in V's like geese.  They also land all over any post or such sticking out of the water.  I was surprized how big they are.  I told Bri that I was going to bring one home.  She said "Aunt Linda will be mad at you, they will break the ceiling fan." 

It has come a long way since the hurricane.  Lots of stuff is rebuilt and reopened.  But the damage is still evident.  The Galvez still has damage.  Lots of buildings still have tarps on the roof.  Murdoch's rebuilt and opened 13 months after the hurricane.  There are alot of summer places that have heavy damage that are just sitting.  It is a shame.

Well, I have things to get to.  So I will end here today.  Have a wonderful day.

This is the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort from the beach.

The pool with a view.

My Brown Pelicans.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Quick peek of vacation pics

Here is a quick peek of some of my pics.

George, Bri, and I had a wonderful time.  It was great to see George and Bri playing in the pool.  I haven't seen George smile like that in a long time.  George and I are nursing sun burn. The Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort is a great value.  Good location, good rooms, nice staff, beautiful pool, very clean.

Have a great weekend.

Bri collecting shells.  Did you know that the Gulf water temp is 75 degrees??  It was warm.

Yes, I got into a swimsuit.  We had the pool to ourselves.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday Tales

I am just about ready to leave.  Everyone have a good week.  I  will have lots of pictures and stories when I get back.

God Bless.

What I'll be looking at all week!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Good Morning.  I am trying to get the house work done, packing, and tracking a lost package with the Postal Service.  So it is a busy day.

It is very warm here and will be all week.  I am glad to be going to Galveston as it will be a bit cooler and a nice breeze.  We are leaving tomorrow and will be back Friday afternoon.  The forecast is beautiful.

I am starting a Christmas bin.  I am working on my Homemade Christmas Merit Badge from Farmgirl's Sisterhood.  It is a group that follows MaryJane's Farm Mag.  If you haven't read it, it is a wonderful mag.  Check it out at your local library.  They have a great site too.  Hit it on my sidebar.  Met lots of wonderful friends.

I am trying to decide what to take with me.  I think I will take one cross stitch project, a crochet project, and one book.  I don't plan on spending much time in the hotel except for nights.  There is a quilt shop in Galveston called "Quilts by the Bay".  Can't wait to see it.  It had much damage from the hurricane.  Thankfully they are still there.  From what I understand, alot of places are rebuilt and fixed from the damage.

I am very sad about the spill in the Gulf.  I am not against drilling as we need to be energy independent.  But it breaks my heart to know the damage to the wildlife, economy, and the earth.  We must be extra careful about safety backups and such.  BP isn't an American company.  I am also disapointed with the lack of interest that this Government seems to have for this disaster.  But that isn't for here.

Have a wonderful afternoon.

This pup is so funny!!