Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday Tales

Good Morning!  I walked a mile today.  I am very proud of myself.  It was so cool and pretty this morning.  We are at 55 degrees.  It is wonderful.

I took some pictures of George's decorating.

We love Halloween about as much as Christmas.  LOL

I can see some difference in Bri's writting.  She is getting a crash course in cursive.  It is a big change to go into first because they don't play around.  They take tests.  So I think that she is kind of wanting to go back now.  Much easier.  But I won't allow her.  I know that she can do it.  She just has to decide to do it now.

Thank you for all the kind comments.  Knowing that people are praying for me helps me so much.

Have a wonderful day!!


  1. Hi Amy,
    Good for you keep going. Hope you are feeling better from your Fall.
    All your decorations look great.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Great walking weather. Take care.....

  3. Dear sweet friend,
    I cannot tell you enough how your kind comments were the sweetest medicine for what my aching heart was going through. I treasure your prayers and friendship…bunches!
    I have shaken off the dust and I am dancing again….even if it’s a slow dance, I’m dancing!
    Thank you again, and again.
    Love you,
    p.s. love your music!
    and....I too will be praying for YOU! You are lovely and one of a kind...a tresure!

  4. Good for you on your walk! It's always a bit easier to do it when the weather is nice! Pretty decorating, too.

  5. Josiah is learning how to write cursive, too. It has actually helped him when he is printing, too. He has horrible handwritting and I think this is helping.

    I saw your below post. I'm sure you know that Casting Crowns song, "The Voice of Truth". I sing that song a lot when I'm feeling the enemy closing in on my mind and telling me lies. The Voice of Truth is telling you are beautiful and worthy of Him through His precious Blood. You are a princess, a daughter of the KING!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!