Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday Morning

It has been a busy week.  With Bri getting back to the school routine and all. 

I have been doing lots of crochet.  I am wanting to get some Christmas presents done.  I love quick projects that I can take with me.

We had someone take Tucker with them last night.  We pray that they will like him and keep him.  He really needs a good home.  He is a sweet boy.

Have a wonderful day.


  1. I like the yarn you choose. Pink is AWESOME!

  2. Oh, I was just going to skim through things today and go eat some breakfast, then I saw your post with the pretty prink yarn :) :) :) I think those crocheted items are so lovely. :) :) :) Did you use Lily Sugar N Cream Yarn? I hope Tucker finds a good home. I'm sorry you are having to give him away :( :(

    Have a great day, Amy. Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

    p.s. The only thing that is stopping me from travelling is money...but as soon as I"m able to travel, I've got Galveston on the list...I love those old cottage beautiful1!! I"ll make sure to look you up, too. That would be fun. Hey, I'll put that on my prayer list...that would be cool...and interesting to see how God answers that!!!