Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Tales

We spent the day at Kemah yesterday.  Got coupons for 1.99 lunch for Bri and 1/2 price boat ride ticket and 1/2 price all day ride tickets.  We fed and petted the stingrays.  Then we went on the boat ride.  Wild.  It is a huge cigar boat.  We got totally soaked.  Bri had a blast.  They blast dance music and turn the boat to the music.  At full speed.  George wasn't thrilled about getting completely soaked.  But he enjoyed being cool for a while.   Ha Ha  Then we went to lunch at the Cadillac Bar.  It is Mexican food.  Plus they don't care that you are soaked.  Then we walked to the shops and Bri got some candy in the candy store.  We finished walking the shops and walked back to the truck.  (Still wet)   We decided to go the the San Jacinto Monument.  I figured since I have been here a year now, that I must go to the mounument.  It was errected to the Battle of San Jacinto.  Which Santa Ana was defeated in 18 minutes and Texas became a Republic. 

We got home after 3:30.  We all go cleaned up and I took Bri to VBS at 5:45.  They are doing the bee program.  Very cute.  So I got a small break while she was there.  I got her at 8:00 and we got food at Chik-fil-A.  I love their chicken sandwiches and Bri loves the nuggets.  She was out by 9:00.  I wasn't up much longer.   LOL

Today I am getting caught up with laundry and housework.  Plus I have some work paperwork to do.  Not as fun. 

We have coupons for buy one get one tickets to the Downtown Aquarium for Tuesdays.  So we might go there next Tuesday.  But lunch is pricey there.  But you don't have to leave.  So I guess it is better to just eat there. 

Have a wonderful day.

Bri hamming it up.


  1. HI Aimee...sounds like you and the fmaiy had a really fun time :) :) :) I love boat rides and I don't mind getting soaked!!!

    OH speaking of laundry, I'm washing mine today too..When the alarm goes off, I'll have to go get it!!!

    Kemah sounds like a fun place!!! Love and hugs, Heather :)

  2. Hi Amy, I was looking thru MJF and found your post. Clicked on it and found your blog. I live about 15 minutes from Kemah in Pasadena. I'm moving this weekend to the other side of Houston (Waller). Maybe we can connect and chat some. I love MJF and once I get moved, I'm going to join. I quilt, craft, love farming, canning, cooking, APRONS .. all the fun stuff ..
    Shoot me an email ..
    sharonstanley(you know this symbol)att(you know this symbol)net
    my blog I just started is ..

  3. Looks like you had a great time! We are thinking about getting out this weekend - maybe we will stop off at Kemah. We have been but it was a long time ago.