Thursday, July 8, 2010


This is Bri playing in the water at the Kemah Boardwalk.  Alot of places here in Texas have places like this so kids can cool off.  Bri loves it.  Plus it is free.  :)

I have been slacking off on working on my blog.  Please forgive me.

Today it is raining again.  Lots of flood warnings up.  So we went to the grocery store, to lunch, and paid two bills.  The bayou on I10 is really up.  I hope we get a break for awhile.

I am working on a prayer shawl for someone at church.  I picked Watercolors by Red Heart.  Very beautiful combo of colors.  I will have to get a pic.

We are going to have a fresh baked loaf of bread along with Cheddar Broccoli soup for dinner.  I love the Bear Creek mixes.  You can even find them at Wal mart.  I use more milk.  Especially since the Kroger that I go to has Organic milk on clearance all the time.  Organic items aren't popular here.  So for the price of regular milk I pick up Organic.  It tastes so much better.

I will have Saturday to myself.  George and Bri are going with SIL and friends to the Ringling Bros. Barnum and Baily Circus.  Bri can't wait.  I will most likely be doing paperwork.  But I am glad to have peace to do it in. 

I got Bri's school supplies and uniforms out of the way this week.  Ouch.  School supplies and uniforms were both around 75.00 for each.  But it is for the whole year and uniforms are so much cheaper than regular clothes. 

Well, I need to check my soup and my bread.  Take care and God Bless.


  1. Sounds like you're busy but having some fun in there too.

  2. Your dinner sounds heavenly! I can just smell the bread in my imagination!
    Ijust said a prayer for you and the rain.

  3. just a note for next time, there are lots of places you can get school uniforms used, still in good shape. Ask some of the other mothers.
    I wish my stores would carry organic cheap, too near the upscale Kingwood I guess.

  4. Sounds like you are having a fun time...I loved that water fountain thing that the kids can play in. It would be nice to have more of those here in Oregon!!!...especially now that summer is here!!....
    Definitely post a pic of that prayer shawl when it's finished. I'd love to see it :) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  5. Sounds like a fun time! I used to buy organic milk in the US because of the steroids/growth hormones to stimulate bovine milk production being found in humans. I don't know what's best but figured better safe than sorry. I haven't found organic milk here but do buy the stuff produced locally.

    I'd love to see a pic of the prayer shawl!

  6. What a sweet picture! Your dinner sounds yummy - mind if I drop by?! Guess I might be a few days late, considering I'm from GA!! Thanks for joining me over @ Life Lessons! Welcome! So glad you stopped by and thank you for becoming a friend/follower! My husband and I lived in Ohio for eight years - in close proximity to his family. It was quite a transition when the Lord opened up the opportunity to move to GA - where there wasn't any family. But you are absolutely right in that we trust the Lord so much more when our 'security blankets' are taken away. True dependence on Him, follows! I'll be praying for you! God bless! :)

  7. Hi,
    Sounds like fun!
    Fresh baked bread-how lovely! I love the aroma of fresh bread. I too think I will drop by for dinner!
    I have been learning to trust God more as He has removed many of my security blankets! Now I am truly depending on Him alone to get me through these tough times.
    God bles you.

  8. Hi Amy, I saw you comment at my friend Linda's blog (Days Touched by Grace), & your comment really touched my heart. My heart went out to you. I wanted you to know that I am going to pray for your family daily. God is ever faithful - He is our stronghold & our strength. He gives perfect grace to meet each problem in our lives. I love your blog & your sweet daughter is so precious! Sending you big hugs! I would love for you to stop by my daily blog if you find time -