Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Over the hump day

Good morning.  It has been stormy on and off yesterday and today.  I got caught in a nasty storm driving yesterday.  Thankfully God was watching over us.  I was driving with hubby and Bri in the truck.

I found this recipe somewhere to use up cucumbers.

1 8oz cream cheese, softened
1 T mayo
3 T grated cucumbers
1 T green onion tops

You can add cucumber to your taste.  Serve this on crackers, party bread, melba toast, or to make cucumber tea sandwiches.

I am sharing the pictures of my 10 minute preemie hats.  I can't find the site that I got the pattern.  But if you go to All free crochet. com you will most likely find it as that is where I went then got sent to another site.  They really do up nice and fast.  I am using up my stash of Caron Simply Soft.

Made a loaf of potato bread from a mix I bought.  It is George's favorite.  He was very pleased with it.  I saw potato flour at the grocery store and my Mom says that she seems to remember that her Grandma used mashed leftover potatoes to make this bread. 

Well, I have tons to do today.  Take care and God Bless!!


  1. Those are sweet hats.

    That recipe sounds delicious and very refreshing. My kids would love it! I could add it to my soured cream cheese and I think it would taste yummy.

  2. I have three children that love cucumber sandwhiches. Usually I just slice the cucumber, and put it on mayoed bread. Salt and pepper are nice too.

  3. Haven't had time to stop by lately but the blog looks great. Love the beach picture. I have used mashed potatoes in bread dough and it is very good. Love the little caps. Your very talented