Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Afternoon

Not much going on.  We pulled boxes out of the attic as the A/C guy was coming to work on it.  I opened some of the boxes.  I found some more of my kitchen stuff.  Found some other stuff.  I was overjoyed to find the quilt I have been trying to finish for Bri.  I started it when I was pregnant with her.  It just needs the binding on it.

I will have the day to myself tomorrow.  Bri and George are going on a train ride.  The train gets robbed and the Lone Ranger saves the day.  So I am sure that they will enjoy themselves.  If SIL can behave for an afternoon.  So I plan on lots of crafts and pots of tea!!!!

I talked to my sister for over an hour.  The new lawyer that they hired is taking care of things.  So sister has chilled out and I am less worried about her.  It is a shame that the kids Dad is such a jerk.  He is married to someone else and they have a child.  Why does he have to keep bothering my niece???  The wife sends her nasty text messages and such too.  They really need to get a life. 

My friends from Ohio will be here Tuesday night.  I can't wait.  We got a hotel in Kemah to be closer to where they are staying.  So I will be gone Mon - Thurs the last week of June.  Plus we are going to stay at the cabin where they are staying the night of the 4th to watch the fireworks over the Bay.  It will do me lots of good to have my friends around me.  I haven't had an easy time finding friends here in Texas.  I can't find anyone that shares my interests. 

Well, I need to go.  SIL is due home from work and she'll expect dinner.  Take care and have a wonderful weekend.  I'll try to remember to post pics of my crafty day.


  1. Finding friends is so hard. After we married and lived in TX, I couldn't make connections with anyone and I even attended college with lots of people around. Strange how adult life can be so lonely sometimes.

    Take care. Enjoy your time alone to relax and unwind.

  2. You can always talk to me if you don't mind an older single woman (I'm 51). Not sure where you are, I am north of Houston in Porter, just past Kingwood. You an email me at lady.hawthorne (at) yahoo (dot) com. It was hard for me when we moved here 30 years ago from MI. And I don't really make friends easily.
    Hang in there and enjoy your friends and crafts this week.

  3. Hang in there sweetie!! I know how hard it is to make friends. I've been here in FL for 3yrs now .. and just started meeting people to be "friends" with .. but none of them compare to my friends in MI who are closer than sisters to me. I hope you get to enjoy you alone time .. its always good to refresh your spirit. I've had some quality alone time this week and I'm much better off for it.

    again you can email me or add me to yahoo messenger ... my email and msg name is

    Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. Thanx for stopping by earlier! Yep having AC troubled when it feels like 100 outside stinks! Bad news delivered now seeing if we can get them to uphold their warranty since our builder went bankrupt. Hope you have a great weekend and fun with your friends coming in!