Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Tales

Good Morning.  I am rested up and cleaned up from our vacation. 

We had a wonderful time.  The weather was beautiful.  Not too hot. 

The location of the Hotel was perfect.  The beach in front of the hotel was quiet.  Not many people around.  So we basically had it to ourselves.  We didn't swim there.  There are Jellyfish and Man-O-Wars.  But we walked on the beach and collected shells.  It is funny how warm the ocean water is.  It was about 75 degrees. 

We also had the hotel swimming pool to ourselves.  That is why we picked mid week.  Even George joined in and went swimming too.  He has to be careful about clorine and his eye socket.  He lost his eye a number of years ago and it is sensitive.  But the hotel used something else than clorine.  So we all had fun together.  It was really funny, because the birds knew it is fresh water and kept landing in or around the pool.  It was something to float on your back and watch all the birds flying over.

I love the Brown Pelicans.  They fly in V's like geese.  They also land all over any post or such sticking out of the water.  I was surprized how big they are.  I told Bri that I was going to bring one home.  She said "Aunt Linda will be mad at you, they will break the ceiling fan." 

It has come a long way since the hurricane.  Lots of stuff is rebuilt and reopened.  But the damage is still evident.  The Galvez still has damage.  Lots of buildings still have tarps on the roof.  Murdoch's rebuilt and opened 13 months after the hurricane.  There are alot of summer places that have heavy damage that are just sitting.  It is a shame.

Well, I have things to get to.  So I will end here today.  Have a wonderful day.

This is the Holiday Inn Sunspree Resort from the beach.

The pool with a view.

My Brown Pelicans.


  1. A little piece of Heaven. Just beautiful. Sounds like you had fun.

  2. Awww it will break the ceiling fan. Kids just say the cutest things! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun!

  3. Yes, it sounds like you had a great time!