Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Morning

My lavender is blooming.  It smells heavenly.

I lost a day somewhere!!!!  Where did Wednesday go?

I tried a recipe in my bread machine for a white loaf.  I went for exceptionally easy.  It is called Best Bread Machine Bread.  I got it at  This is the description:  "This is a very easy to follow recipe that promises to be foolproof.  It makes a soft bread with a flaky crust."  It was.  It is a more dense loaf.  I actually ate a piece of it with nothing on it.  I added 3 teaspoons of Hodgekins Mills Glutten.  It touched the top on both rises.  Find it at

For those who asked.  George lost his eye in 1992.  He got metal in his eye some months before.  He was working on an oil rig and got stagnate water in it along with the metal, which he didn't know had gone in his eye (the metal).  He got a staph infection.  Plus he is a type two diabetic.  Well the staph went all thru his body.  It killed the optic nerve.  You can lose 50% of vision in one eye and not notice it.  By then, it was too late.  The infection nearly killed him.  He donated what he could, then had the surgery to remove his eye, some bone and muscle. 

I didn't meet him until 1995.  So I haven't known him any other way.  It is funny because I don't even think about it.  When people say something, that is when I remember it.  I saw him once with the glass one.  It really bothers him, so he doesn't wear it.  It was kind of strange. 

Well, I think that is about all today.  I am finishing Bri's teacher's blanket and starting a Mile-a-Minute afghan for my Mom for Christmas.  Plus I am working on Sunbonnet Sue blocks to make a quilt for Bri.  Bri's teacher's blanket has been going on and on.  I can't seem to finish it!!!

Have a blessed day.


  1. Thanks for sharing his story. I think many were concerned. I'm sorry he lost his eye. That must have been hard, at least at first.

  2. I put his patch on one evening when he was asleep and tried it. I walked into doors, walls, and had a hell of a headache fairly quickly. He actually was back to work before the 6 weeks.

    They also gave him too much med for the surgery and he woke up in a rage and broke his tray table and a mirror. Yikes.

  3. Gee...I can see it must have been traumatic.

  4. Lovely lavender! I noticed mine is starting to bloom as well. Note to self: take time to smell the lavender :) Sounds like you've been very busy. Sorry to hear about George's eye.. have worried about that w/ hubby before when he worked in industry, or when he works on things around the farm. -Tammy

  5. Man that must have been painful! Thanks for telling us his story. My hubby has gotten metal in his eye before and I had to take him to the emergency room. Luckily they were able to get it out without an infection.

    Your lavender looks great! It is so cloudy/rainy and cold here, without an end in sight according the weather forecast :( I think I'm going to have to replant most of my garden. None of the warm weather plants are germinating.

    Have a terrific Memorial Day weekend!

  6. I love lavender! Love lavender bubble baths and scented candles! So relaxing.
    Have a good weekend!