Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Meanderings

This is the ok, hurry up Mom, I am sick of pictures picture!!!  What a face.

Good morning.  It is the last week of school.  So I am getting projects ready to keep Bri busy.  We will be working on cursive writting, tying shoes, writting a book, and joining the summer reading program at the library.  Plus I am making a chore chart.

We are keeping her at the school she is at for Kindergarden.  She likes it there.  Plus after the 1300 mile move last year, I don't want to move her again.  She'll go to 1st grade at another Christian school that goes thru the 12th grade.  We have decided that we want her to do the Christian school all the way.  No PC crap there.  I had been thinking about homeschooling.  But she really enjoys the classes and the interaction with the other kids.  It is difficult with one.  So I am happy that the decision  is made.  One less thing to think about.  Plus we do lots of things at home.  It seems to be the perfect fit for us.  It is good that she can pray, say the Pledge of Alligence, learn the word, and worship right at school too.  Plus have all the school memories that we who went to school remember.

Well, I have to run errands.  This puppy is eating us out of house and home!!!!  And George needs salt for his saltwater tanks. 

Have a blessed day.

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  1. I'm glad you finally made your decision. I'm sure it was a tough one!