Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Meanderings

Good Morning.  I am trying to get the house work done, packing, and tracking a lost package with the Postal Service.  So it is a busy day.

It is very warm here and will be all week.  I am glad to be going to Galveston as it will be a bit cooler and a nice breeze.  We are leaving tomorrow and will be back Friday afternoon.  The forecast is beautiful.

I am starting a Christmas bin.  I am working on my Homemade Christmas Merit Badge from Farmgirl's Sisterhood.  It is a group that follows MaryJane's Farm Mag.  If you haven't read it, it is a wonderful mag.  Check it out at your local library.  They have a great site too.  Hit it on my sidebar.  Met lots of wonderful friends.

I am trying to decide what to take with me.  I think I will take one cross stitch project, a crochet project, and one book.  I don't plan on spending much time in the hotel except for nights.  There is a quilt shop in Galveston called "Quilts by the Bay".  Can't wait to see it.  It had much damage from the hurricane.  Thankfully they are still there.  From what I understand, alot of places are rebuilt and fixed from the damage.

I am very sad about the spill in the Gulf.  I am not against drilling as we need to be energy independent.  But it breaks my heart to know the damage to the wildlife, economy, and the earth.  We must be extra careful about safety backups and such.  BP isn't an American company.  I am also disapointed with the lack of interest that this Government seems to have for this disaster.  But that isn't for here.

Have a wonderful afternoon.

This pup is so funny!!


  1. I am sad about the spill in the Gulf too! :(

  2. Have a fun and safe trip, looking forward to reading all about it when you get home.

  3. The government better get interested! This is terrible!

  4. Enjoy your trip -sounds as if the weather will be great!
    Is is such a sad thing about he gulf spill and this has caused so much damage.

  5. Glad the package wasn't lost. Everything takes longer to get to Eastern Oregon that other places it seems. Thanks again! Yes, the Gulf spill is a sad disaster.