Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday Tales

Good morning!  I have been Spring cleaning up a storm.  I did the bathroom and pulled everything out of my closet.  Phew.  I am slowly putting things away.  I like my new wallpaper looking boxes.  Much better than all the plastic.

I have been working on a mermaid for my hubby's birthday.  She is tossing bubbles with angel fish in them.  I am using a nice blue green for the mermaid and DMC's varigated blue for the bubbles.

It has been cooler here.  I will take 50's for lows and 70's for highs.  My garden seems to like it also.

Booked my trip to Galveston.  So I am excited to go.  We aren't telling Bri.  We want to surprize her.  We will pick her up from school on the 4th and drive to Galveston.  We got a Kids Suite.  That should be great.  They have a nice pool too.  It is really for George's birthday.  I am praying for nice weather!!

Well, I need to get back to cleaning.  I want to get the closet done and the loft picked up and start on Bri's room.

Have a wonderful day.

Bri makes friends everywhere!


  1. You go girl on the spring cleaning!! I cant wait to see a pic of the project!!

  2. Hope you have an awesome time in Galveston! Lots of history there. Would love to see it someday. Thanks for the tip about the Felsnaptha! I left you a comment on my blog about it.