Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Tuesday Tales

I got lazy yesterday.  I went running around instead of getting work done.  I felt like I was playing hooky.  So I have to buckle down today and get some work done.

We are looking into getting a hotel in Galveston for a few days.  It is a combo gift from my sil for my hubby's birthday and because my daughter wants to stay in a hotel.  So now I am in the process of looking.  My mind is set on one of the hotels right on the seawall.  We'll see what it costs.

George is dreaming about what to do with his empty 55 gallon tank.  He decided it will be saltwater.  From there, he hasn't decided anymore about it.  I like dwarf angels.  But, it will be a new setup so I don't know if you can put them in a new tank.  It gives him something to play with.

Two more months of school.  Can you believe it???  Wasn't it just Christmas??   Time flys.  We are going to an open house at a school that we are interested in sending Bri too.  She'll be in Kindergarden this fall.  She is an October baby.  So she had to wait a year.  Its not like she won't get enough school.  She is so excited about going.  This place has small classes, worship, and is really close.  It is a Christian school.  It is a few hundred dollars more than where she goes now.  They have good standing and accreditation.  Their high school part is in the top five.  So we will make the decision after we go to the open house.  Keep us in your prayers as we decide on this.

Well, my camera is out of batteries.  So I will leave you with some older pics.  My camera is a battery hog!!!! 

Have a wonderful day.

From the Downtown Houston Aquarium

In the Christmas spirit.

Little Miss Ham


  1. Hey Amy,
    To answer your question about my button. I didn't make it. I had someone redo my blog and she made a button to match. Sorry I couldn't be of any help.
    I hope you have a nice getaway and find a great hotel to stay in.

  2. Oh Amy you so deserve to get away and relax a bit. I hope that you find a wonderful hotel with a good price attached =)
    Bri is an adorable little girl, what a sweet smile!

    Have fun!

  3. Have fun planning your little getaway and of course have fun! I'm not sure what kind of digital camera you have but over the winter I purchased a small camera to put in my purse or pocket - it is a Nikon Coolpix and I almost returned it because the first day (i purchased lithium batteries - they last longer) I barely took 40 pics and it was dead. :( So I gave it one more chance... I finally read the instructions and there is a setting specifically for batteries and you indicate what type you are using! A MIRACLE! -- I haven't changed changed batteries yet - they've lasted forever and I'm sure I've taken 100's of pictures! So just wanted to mention it --- see if it works!

  4. Hope your week is going better. You've been in my prayers. Cute pics of your daughter.

  5. Everyone needs a lazy day of playing hooky. Hope you enjoyed yours.


  6. You have a coolpix -- wonderful! Mine is a Coolpix L20 and I glanced my instructions booklet -- it would be page 13 and setting instru. on page 100. I am using lithium batteries (little spendy but these have lasted a very long time)... Hope this works!

  7. Like your blog.
    I'll be back.