Thursday, April 8, 2010

A sunny and cool Thursday.

A cold front came thru last night and it is cool and sunny here today.  More like Spring.  Now if the pollen count would drop!!!!

Not much going on around here.  Just getting housework done.  Did my taxes and E-filed them yesterday.  Turbo Tax is a lifesaver.  Very easy and quick. 

We are going to an open house at the school we think we will be sending Bri to.  She can't wait to go and visit.  More about that tomorrow.

I still haven't got batteries for my camera.  A nice blogger pal of mine gave me some hints to save battery.  Thanks!!!  So you will have to settle for older photos.

Have a wonderful day.

Princess and Dad chilling out.

Oh this face!!!


  1. She's a doll! We file with Turbo tax too.

  2. This is the only place I could reply to your question. The Mary Wigham Sampler is a free download from It is located on the right hand side just under the flags chart. Just click on the sampler and you can download it.
    thanks for your comments.

  3. It is way cooler here today too! Love the pictures! Your daughter is so cute!

  4. Bri is too cute. I miss those princess-dress wearing days. It goes too quickly--enjoy every second.

    Have a great weekend!

  5. My daughter would love that princess kitchen! Does your hubby have an eye patch?

  6. Your little princess is just a livin' doll! Feels good to have the taxes filed...huh?

    God bless and have a wonderful weekend!!!