Thursday, April 1, 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning

It has turned out sunny and beautiful here this morning.  When I got up and took Bri to school this morning around 7:00, it was cloudy and cool.  But the sun came thru and it is clear and beautiful.

I am planning a picnic at the park tomorrow.  I want to make chicken salad, iced tea, and something sweet.  The one thing I love very much about Texas is all the parks around here.  Some even have fountains that go all day so the kids can run thru them and cool off.  For those of you who have never been in south Texas in the summer, it is very hot, humid, and sticky.  My first summer here was last year.  One of the hotest in years.  I think 100+ is hot.  I don't think you get use to it.  But you learn to live with it.  Air conditioning is a must.  The only place I was at that was hotter was Mesa, AZ.  It was 121 degrees.  Yes, I heard that it is a dry heat.  Well, baked or fried, it is still hot.

We are able to go out on the patio now.  Linda lost her awning in the hurricane.  So she replaced it and it is really nice to sit out now.  The ceiling fan does wonders.  I am thinking of long evenings with lots of iced tea!!

Bri's class was having their Easter party today.  So she was ready to go this morning.  They are having chili dogs, chips, and cupcakes.  They will have an Easter Egg hunt and Easter themed movies.  Next week is international week.  Her class theme is China.  They will be having fried rice and egg rolls.  I am looking for lanterns and pictures of dragons and Chinese letters.

Well, I am off to tour China.  Have a wonderful afternoon.


  1. Nice flowers and stitching. So...your daughter's class celebrates Easter? That is not typical in schools anymore...or is it? I thought with all the PC it would practically be 'outlawed'.

  2. Wow what a relaxing place! Enjoy!

  3. We are having the same weather! Isn't it wonderful? I love the design you are stitching.

  4. What a perfect place to read a good book and sip some ice tea. My parent's live in Brownsville, Tx and are very lax when it come to running the air. At night the windows are always opened for the 'cool' breeze that comes off the ocean. Hubs and I have never felt that 'cool breeze' so we just stew in our own juices at night. Sorry...TMI!

    God bless and have yourself the best day!!!

  5. I was born in Texas,but moved to Nevada when I was 3... I returned to Texas twice during my childhood, both times in the hot humid month of August! Imagine me trying to blow dry my curly hair straight for family photos! Well, it was a lost cause, but the memories of the trip still linger...Stay cool! Your patio looks like the perfect place to be!
    Dandelion Wishes,

  6. It has finally decided to get cold and snow around here, just when we really don't need it.

    Love the hydrangeas! They don't grow good around here, otherwise, I'd have a bunch in my yard.

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  8. I love your cross stitching. The colours are beautiful.