Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Afternoon

Hello.  I hope that everyone's weekend was nice.  Prayers to all of you that got nasty weather.  I hope everyone is ok and are on the way to getting things back in order.  When I was 15, we had an F5 tornado.  It wasn't a mile from my house.  We got huge hail.    My hubby was checking gas and oil wells in PA and got it head on.  It was so big that he didn't see a funnel.  He crawled down a storm drain to escape the wind and hail.  He crawled out into a mess.  That is the closest I ever was to a tornado.  I don't care to be in another. 

Boy, I thought that I have heard it all.  But I think this takes the cake.  I was at Hobby Lobby over the weekend.  I walked through the party supple isle just to see what they had.  Bri's birthday will be at the Downtown Aquarium.  So I thought about mermaids for the girls and Nemo or fish for the boys.  Well, the lady that was looking at birthday stuff said to me, what are you using?  I told her.  She told me that at the school that her child went to, all gifts, supplies, etc had to be gender-neutral.  No pink for girls, blue for boys.  Everything must be for either.  Am I the only one to think that this is crazy??  You can't be a girl or boy now or someone will get offended???  Even if you know the child that the birthday is for, it has to be a neutral gift.  I just don't understand this.  What are we turning into??  Does this scare you???

We had to take one of the dogs to the vet this morning.  She is having TI's.  Little strokes.  She is 14, so it isn't that much of a surprize.  But it didn't do much damage.  She isn't having problems.  She just got confused and got under the kitchen table and couldn't figure out how to get back out.  She also was standing outside wimpering.  The vet said that it is like dementia.  So we are watching her.  She seems ok now.  Her eyes are pretty cloudy now.  So I think that in really sunny days, she can't see hardly at all. 

Well, it is almost time to get Bri from school.  Have a wonderful day.

Bri is such a goose!!


  1. Awww your poor puppy! That makes me sad to hear that.
    And Yes I think that is ridiculous about the gender neutral thing. It should never be that a girl feels bad about liking girly things or a boy feels bad about liking boy things. I just love that picture of Bri! She is so cute!!!! :)

  2. Aww poor pup..Our dogs are 9 and 5 and I hope that they are still with it when they reach a ripe age of 14. they are our babies :)

    Yes I agree with you it is crazy, as to where this world is going.. I wont get into it on a public space but I agree ;)

    Take Care and have fun planing Bri's party

  3. I'm sorry about your pup! Poor little guy. I pray that I still have my buddy when he's 14.

    Love the pic of Bri!

  4. How scary! I can't imagine being close to a tornado. Oregon doesn't have them. PTL!

  5. I think that tornado you are talking about was the one that hit down the road from my house. Your husband might have been in my neighborhood. I can't remember the year but it was the 80's. Western PA- Beaver and Butler county?