Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter

A very blessed Easter from my family to yours.


  1. From my little family to yours , Have a blessed and joyful Easter

    Love and light

  2. She looks so pretty in purple. Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

    Hey, I tried to mail the postcard again and it was sent back AGAIN! I'm sorry. I don't know why that is. I verified the address but for some reason they don't want you to get my postcard!

  3. Hey Amy - that was so sweet of you to offer your prayers and well-wishes for my mother in law. I felt each and every one from my blog buddies. Thank you so much!

    Your little girl Bri looks very pretty in purple - that was always my daughter's color. I think your Bri and my daughter have the same coloring. I hope you had a wonderful Easter and have a wonderful week - enjoy the spring! I've lived in Texas all my life - yep - it's hot, humid and sticky!

  4. Your little girl is adorable!! Hope you all had a great Easter!!

  5. I love the purple dress! Glad things are going better. My prayers have been answered.