Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday Tales

My goodness.  My week started out crazy.  I had to go get Bri from school yesterday.  Her cheeks got all rosy and she was quiet.(That is a wonderment in itself!!)  She didn't have a fever, but wanted to come home.  I think that she got too much sun on Sunday at the Zoo.  I put sunscreen on her twice.  But I think between the sun, the excitement, and not having napped for three days, and going to bed late she was past her limit.

But we had a wonderful trip to the Houston Zoo on Sunday.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  A bit breezy.  It got to a balmy 65.  We rode the train around Herrman Park, then went into the Zoo.  If you are ever in Houston, you must check out the Zoo and Herrman Park.  It isn't a large Zoo.  Great for walking around in a day.  It was about 40.00 for all four of us to go.  You can become a member for 80.00.  That gives you discounts and 10 visits to the Zoo in a year.  I think that is for a family of four.  Herrman Park is a beautiful park right downtown.  The Zoo sits in the middle of the museum district.  So you can walk to the museums and hop the train back to the Zoo. 

I finished my project for the frontpage of the Yahoo Group Stitchersantics.  I think that starting tomorrow, you can see the picture of the project there.  If you are a stitcher, please just this fun group.  The pattern I used is sampler 11 (b) from Stofnest.  Please go to Stofnest blog.  Ria has lots of quilt and cross stitch pattern freebies.  Her designs are wonderful.  Hats off to Ria for her great designs!!!!  You can find this blog listed in the blogs I follow.  Please visit her.

Now I have to balance out the rest of the week.  I have to get my housework done, my job work done, and take my truck to Spring, TX for its oil change.  It is a large dealership where the truck was bought.  It is hard to find a Dodge dealership now.  45 North is called dealership row around here.  You can buy almost any brand there.  I got a great deal on oil change and tire rotation.  With the fancy stuff on the truck, I would rather the dealership mess with the oil and such.  That is the worst part of a new truck.  You can't hardly find the oil stick, let alone change the oil yourself.  But there is a great cross stitch shop in Spring.  So I guess I can justify stopping by since we will be so close!!!!

Well, I need to get stuff done.  Have a wonderful day.

Bri in the prairie dog tubes at Houston Zoo.

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  1. Oh that picture is just too cute!

    Yes, little one's can get too much sun even with sunscreen. Probably just made her feel overly tired.