Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Over the hump day.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.  My corned beef, red potatoes, and cabbage is cooking as we speak!!!

Bri got her Barbie clothes at Big Lots yesterday.  So she is happy.  Do you remember which Barbie you had?  I had Superstar Barbie.  They are selling it again, but with a short dress and no boa.  You could never forget that screaming pink dress. 

I got lazy last evening and didn't stitch.  I sat on the couch and listened to CD's.  That was a rare treat.  Bri and Daddy played board games.

Got to get out and pick up my Turbo Tax software.  I am using it for the first time.  Anyone have any suggestions?

Here is the first in my apron pictures.  This is my favorite of the bunch.  I have a box of hankies too.  I'll have to pull them out.  Have a wonderful day.

Isn't this Indian theme too cute??


  1. Those are so nice! Lucky you. What a treasure.

    I'm glad Bri got her Barbie clothes. I remember a few Barbies that I had. My parents had friends with older daughters who passed a lot of their Barbies on to me when they outgrew them. I had two Barbie houses and a bunch of Barbies from them. Definitely nirvana for a little girl!

  2. Good morning Amy - thanks for your visit! Sounds like your husband and myself are kindred spirits, huh! Now you should post a picture of your husband's dead coon with a hat! That'd be funny. We'll have P*TA on us for sure! Hey, we're just natural Texans aren't we?

    As for Barbies - I'm older than you, dear - I had one of the original Barbies!

    I really like that apron - the fabric is so cute. I collect vintage aprons, too. I never thought about showing them off - great idea! Mine mostly came from garage sales, but I have a couple from my grandmothers. They are special to me even tho they have a stain or two. Just makes me think of what they might have been cookin' - I'm sure it was somethin' for US! Have a great day!

  3. Love the apron. As for Barbies, I never liked them but I did have tons of stuffed animals. It was an early sign that I should have lots of critters. Have a Great day.