Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Over the hump day.

Good Morning.  It is a foggy and muggy morning.  My seedlings and plants are growing like crazy.  It hit 77 degrees and humid as heck yesterday.  We didn't go lower than the 60's last night.

Stitched up a storm last night.  Bri got the new Barbie movie, the mermaid Barbie doll, and a charm jewlery set.  So she happily played while I stitched. 

Thanks for everyone who gave me ideas for dinners.  What do you do, plan meals ahead?  I usually just plan meals by what is on sale at the grocery store.  Do you plan by the week or the month?

Well, I need to finish my job work today.  Have a wonderful day.

This is a freebie from Blackbird Designs.
"Now I Know My ABC's"
I am using HDF's "Yawning Mountain" (see sidebar for HDF's link)

Freebie from Bride's Tree SAL by AuryTM
DMC 99    Teastained 28ct Monacco

Freebie from Bride's Tree SAL by AuryTM
on teastained 28ct Monacco


  1. Ohh..I adore the mixed pinky/purple floss.

  2. Hi Amy! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment over at my place. It is nice to meet you. Your stitching is beautiful. I used to cross stitch a long time ago. I loved it. I don't know why I quit doing it. :)

  3. Your stitching is beautiful and I love those pinks. Bri is so cute, thanks for stopping by and visiting.


  4. I do plan meals ahead. I used to do it two weeks at a time, but lately I have been lazy and am just thinking a day or two ahead. Not good for my size of family!

    I need to figure that out today. Thanks for the reminder.

    Jess loves the Barbie movies, too.