Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Over the hump day.

Hello.  We are enjoying sunny and warm weather here today.  My seedlings are emerging and my herbs are growing.

I am working on my Feb, Mar, and Apr Bride's SAL ornies.  Please go to Bride's SAL blog on my favorite blog list and join the fun.  My niece is suppose to get married this fall.  I want to make her a set of ornies also.  She wants the date 10-10-10.  Isn't this fun?

I have decided not to use plastic containers in my closet.  I saw some wonderful paper mache ones at TJMaxx.  ( also you can find them at Ross or Marshalls)  If I have to contain things, why not use something beautiful.  I will have to post when I get it done.  Plus there are so many different sizes, colors, etc.  I can blame hubby for starting this one.  He bought me a really nice box to keep my photos in.  LOL

Here is a quick recipe for your Easter table:

1 pack cream cheese, softened
1 jar Old English cheese
1 jar Cheddar cheese
1 jar pineapple cheese
11/2 cups pecan pieces
Crackers or pita crisps

Combine all cheeses and beat with an electric mixer until smooth.

Form a ball

Roll in pecans

Refrigerate until time to serve.

Have a blessed day.
Please visit Stitcher's Antics group at Yahoo to see my project that I stitched for the March frontpage. 


  1. Hi Amy! It is still too cold here but the bulbs are starting to awaken slowly. We are supposed to get hail and snow then later rain tomorrow. We are heading up to Cranberry Cottage tomorrow morning and it has been ages since we could go up for a weekend. I am considering what I am packing in my handwork bag to take along. Time to enjoy the birds and woods and put my needle to work. :-)

    I agree with you that if you have to put something in a container then why not a pretty one. I am anxious to see what you have. I keep my fabrics for quilting in a big cupboard and my stitching stash is in a desk drawer and armoire drawer. Do you have a seperate room for your hobbies?

    Hugs ~

  2. No, I wish I had a craft room. We are staying with George's sister and we have very little room.

    I have spring fever so bad today. I have the cleaning and clearing bug.

    I am working on my Bride's SAL projects today. That is about all.

  3. I think that will be a nice gift!! I am so ready for spring!! I bet you are getting wonderful weather in Texas!!