Monday, March 15, 2010

Monday Morning

Good cool, cloudy morning.  It is going to rain here today.  My plants will be really happy with that.  We had such a beautiful sunny weekend.  Pic's from Galveston in my last post.  We sang "Morning has broken" at church yesterday morning.  What a beautiful sight with sun streaming thru the windows.

It is time for pics of the TUSAL.  Those are below.  I didn't get as much done as I wanted.  So I will be burning the midnight oil to get somemore projects done.

My garden is coming along.  Bri got a strawberry from her plants already.  She really enjoyed that.  She offered me a bite.  So she shared the "fruits" of her labor!! 

Bri is on Spring Break this week.  So we are getting out and about.  Have a wonderful day.

Here is a pic just to dream about nice weather.


  1. Oh thanks for reminding me that the TUSAL is today! I totally forgot. I don't want to get hit with a wet noodle! Your plants are looking great. Can't wait to start my first garden this year.

  2. So nice to see sun and green plants. Just mud and gloom here. Oh, and I love this music on your blog.

  3. You garden is looking great!
    Wish I had that weather here!!!

  4. Love your plants! Hope that you enjoy this spring break, hope you get nicer weather. Thank you for visiting my blog and your nice comments! Be blessed.