Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mommy has more grays today.

Yes, I have more gray today. 

I guess I have to put a disclaimer as I took my daughter to get her immunizations.  So before I get a ton of hate mail, I believe in getting my child her shots.  I have talked to many people who suffered Polio as a child and the terrible effects all thru their lives.  I don't want my daughter to step on a nail and die because I had fears.  Being so close to the border, Hep A is required here in Texas.  I don't care to have her die from Hepititis A because some pig didn't wash their hands before making her food.  It can happen anywhere.

Anyways, we went to get her updated, Hep A isn't required in Ohio.  Hep B is.  So she also needed a few more to be completely up to date.  She was due for five.  I told the nurse that she had a tramatic experience with a nurse the last time.  So we did two.  She did very well.  She even tried to act ok leaving so she didn't scare the other kids in the lobby.  She was more worried about scaring them.  So we took her to get a treat at Toys are us.

Well she was tired and not wanting to go to bed.  She ran in her room in the dark and tripped over her folding chair.  She started hollering like a banshee.  That sounds that chills you to the bone.  I was in her room in a flash.  I didn't see gushing blood, so I calmed down a little.  She had a small cut on her knee, a scrape on her arm, and a scrape on her neck.  She missed the arm she got a shot in.  So I let her lay on our bed and chill out for a few minutes.  So I have more gray hairs this morning.  You know instantly when you hear "that cry" that she is really hurt.  Your heart is in your throat until you get to them. 

Here is my apron picture of the day.  Have a wonderful day.

Here is another great shot in Galveston:


  1. Yep those kind of cries can bring on the grays that is for sure!! I am glad that she was ok.

    I get my kids shots too! But not five at a time. No way! I usually only let them do two also. Hope you have a great day!

  2. Awww, poor Bri. That cry does get you, doesn't it? How sweet, that she worried about scaring the other kids. I believe in getting my kids their immunizations, too. I feel it is the responsible thing to do. I understand that others don't feel the same, and that is their prerogative. I hope her arm isn't too sore from the shots!

  3. I give my kids shots and I think I think it is important to do so. No hate mail here!

    Glas Bri is OK!

  4. Aw...hope Bri is well once again! I am in another country, but always get my kids their shots...just so much easier to do so!!!
    Take care

  5. Hey Amy, I did get your photo-card and had mailed your postcard a while ago. If you don't get it this next week, I'll send you another.

    I'd be happy to look for a thimble for you. I'll email you when/if I see one.