Thursday, March 11, 2010

Good Thursday Morning!

Good Morning.  I didn't have a very restful night.  I woke a few times and then slept in this morning.  Grrrrr That just messes up the whole day.

I went to a new bible study at church last night.  It is about helping your church be more fruitful.  We discussed hospitality.  How vistors are treated, what it would be like to step into a church for the first time, and such.  I just joined this church after I moved here.  So I have been a member since August.  So I was able to tell what my experience was.  I knew I was home when I went in there the first time.  Has this happened to you?  Do you have a church family or is it just where you go on Sunday morning?  If you go to church just because it is close, or your parents always did, or just because it is a certain kind of church, you could be missing out on a wonderful experience.  Where I go, they remember my name and my daughter's name, invite me to functions, are sincerely glad to see us.  I missed a few Sundays and got a nice card from the church asking if I needed anything.  There is a feeling of love and caring.  When we pass the peace, it takes awhile to get back to the service.  It is a fairly small congregation.  But the percentage of members who come on Sunday is pretty high.  We have cake on the first Sunday for all the birthdays of the month, the is Dining Out the first week of the month.  You have food and fellowship for 5.00 a person.  There is Lunch Bunch.  It is a group of people who meet one Wednesday a month.  We all bring a potluck.  Our Ladies study is usually before Lunch Bunch.  We have a potluck the last Sunday a month.  One Sunday we meet for Dutch Lunch.  It is very friendly and welcoming.  We did a living Nativity.  That drew a good turnout.  It was a wonderful, meaningful celebration for the Christmas season.  Thank you for letting me share.  It means alot to me since my friends and family are 1300 miles away.  I didn't have the same kind of experience in the church I attended back in Ohio.  It was kind of like that when the one minister was there, but the money part of the church got rid of him.

My plants are coming along.  I am craving my first tomato!!  I want to make homemade salsa.  I am growing ciltrantro.  I can't wait to have some.  Bri runs outside when she gets home from school to see what has popped up.  She can't wait for cucumbers. 

Well, I need to get going.  Have a wonderful day.

Bri in her treehouse/play yard.  The red thing is her binoculars.


  1. That is awesome that you are going to such a friendly church. I have to say our church isn't super friendly to newcomers (I think it might be personalities) but they are preaching and teaching Truth. To, us that is more important than anything. We don't like water-down Christianity. Been down the road before. So glad you love your church!

    I've been having problems with my home computer again. I've tried to comment on your blog everyday this week and couldn't get it to work. I decided to try commenting on my work computer and it worked. So now I know something is really wrong with my home computer and will have to take it in (again). Urggh!

    Thanks for all he awesome gardening tips! Have a great weekend!

  2. BTW, I love that song "I'll Find You". I haven't heard in in years. What a treat!