Friday, March 5, 2010

Fantastic Friday

Here is a fun questionnaire from my friend Julie's blog.  Here are my answers.  Hit the Mirror of Grace button to go to her blog and get in on the fun.

1.What is your favorite book:

Bittersweet by Cathy Marie Hake

2.What is your favorite kitchen appliance: Crockpot

3.Which do you prefer Ocean or Mountains: Mountains

4.What is your favorite outfit: sweats and tee shirt

5.What is your favorite scent of candles: Anything fruity

6.What was the last book you read and did you like it: Bittersweet.  yes, very much

7.What is your favorite season: Fall

8.If you could have $1,000 to spend (not on bills) what would your buy: new flat screen tv

9.Where is one place in the world you would like to visit: Ireland

10.What is your comfort food: Chocolate in any form

We checked into a Christian school that is K - 12.  It seems like a very nice place.  They use the a Beka system.  Is a bit more than where we are sending her now.  But not enough to worry about.  It is closer and just seems like a better place.  I am praying on this.  If you pray, please remember me in your prayers.

Have a blessed day.

Miss Mitzi


  1. THank you for joining the fun!!! I might do this from time to time!! My dear hubby would spend his $1,000 the same way!!LOL Abeka is a good curriculum! I used it several times during my homeschooling days. I think it is top notch!!

  2. If it's the Lord's will, he'll provide. He did that with my own homeschool curriculum. It is truly amazing how He does it! You sound at peace with it all.