Thursday, March 4, 2010

Crazy cleaning!

Yes, I have the Spring cleaning fever.  I guess it comes with the lovely 65 degree weather that we are having.

Bri is welcoming the nice weather with a request to go to the park after school everyday.  It is good for her.  I read somewhere that a walk every night will help children sleep better.  I think turning her loose at the park has the same effect!  I am not looking forward to the time change.  She will not go to sleep until it is dark and then is up at the crack of dawn.  Grrrr

How do you cope with kids clothes?  I have decided today that I am only going to put a few clothes in the drawers at a time.  Bri loves to change clothes.  So if she only has a few in the drawer, maybe this will help cut down on two minute worn laundry!!!  It is weird here now.  In the low 40's in the morning, and in the mid to upper 60's by the afternoon.  I am transfering the seasonal clothes back into plastic tubs.  I thought that six pair of jeans, six tops, three outfits (tops and pants go together), a couple tee shirts, three sets of long shorts with matching tops would be plenty in her drawers for the week.  Three nightgowns and white tees with sleep pants.   Plus the sock and underwear drawer.  I think that it is time to put up her tights that she wears to school too.  She wears a uniform to school.  Put the other clean clothes in plastic bins and rotate them.  Give me your ideas. 

Have to get moving on potholders and dishclothes I am making for our church's fish fry and silent auction.  I want to make a kitchen basket for the auction.  I thought I would get placemats and towels to go with the stuff I am making.  Any suggestions?

I am going to be making baby blankets and lap-gans(great for people in wheelchairs or chair bound) out of the stash of yarn that I have.  I am going to put them up for sale.  Any suggestions?

Well, I need to switch my laundry around and start my supper.  Have a wonderful day. 

I told Honey to pose pretty for a picture.  She is too cute.


  1. Oh, your dog is so cute!

    Sounds like you have quite a project in front of you.

  2. 65!!!! It's snowing/raining here in Utah right now. Please send some of that heat wave my way! Are you looking for patterns for the pot holders and dishclothes or just a theme/color idea for your basket?

  3. I am trying to come up with an idea for the basket.

  4. What a cute little diva dog. I just want to rub that little belly.