Saturday, March 6, 2010

Bri at the Rodeo

Quick post of Bri at the Houston Rodeo.  She also tried to conn the sheriff into letting her ride his horse.  She is a flirt.  She gave him the sweetest smile.

Have a great weekend.

Yes, it is a live Longhorn.


  1. Is that that Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo?? I remember going to that as a kid. sighhh makes me homescick. THat is great pic of bri!! She looks like a natural!

  2. Wow Amy,

    Rodeos are so much fun, was at one yesterday sponsored by a Christian Cowboy group here in Missouri.

    Must have been quite a change for you and your family to move to Texas less than a year ago - hope you are all doing well.

    I couldn't help but notice that you enjoy cross stitching so I would like to invite you to my website where most of the designs feature Bible verses. There is a free design called, "His Name is Jesus" that has blessed many.

    Keep being a "Light".


  3. Thank you Joyful. I will visit your site. I do hope that you visit often.

    God Bless.

  4. What an adorable pic!! Thank you for sharing your precious DD's pic with us! She has far more courage than!!