Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Over the hump day.

Well, we got away with a light sleet/rain mix.  I am so happy.  I only lost one lettuce plant.  But it is going to dip below 32 tonight.  So I will be covering.  Then it will be 60 by tomorrow afternoon.  Talk about a roller coaster.

Battling a headache today.  Was lazy and let hubby take Bri to school.  Ended up watching Joyce Meyers.  I love her.  Her message was money today.  If you haven't watched her, please do.  She is a wonderful teacher and preacher.  Very down to earth. 

I got tons of stuff organized and put away yesterday.  It is difficult to get organized when stuff still isn't unpacked.  I don't care to live with plastic tubs everywhere.  I thought that I got rid of tons of stuff before we moved.  But we have our bedroom, a bathroom, Bri's room and a shared loft area.  I am very grateful that my sister in law opened her house to us.  But I still feel strange putting stuff around someone else's home. 

Well, I have lots of errands to run today.  Have a wonderful day.


  1. So fun to see your family including the dogs! I posted videos of my 6 dogs today.

    Anyway...buckeye cady? You have me curious!!!

  2. cute pic!!
    I hope your headache is feeling better!!

  3. What cute dogs - I love dashies they are my very favourite dog. I have a few Joyce Meyers Devotions and book which I love. Hope you are feeling a little better.

  4. I have so much fun when I'm in the mood to purge and organize. It's better than crack!

  5. Cute picture! I hope you're feeling better. We moved twice in five years and both times we threw out/donated SO much stuff but still have so much stuff left. Good for you for organizing when the mood strikes!