Monday, February 8, 2010

Our trip to the Downtown Houston Aquarium

Good Morning.  The Morgan clan spent the day at the Aquarium yesterday.  For those who have never been to Houston, the Aquarium is right smack downtown.  It is really neat.

George was in heaven!!  For those who follow my blog, you know that he is a fish nut.  We have three salt tanks and four freshwater tanks.  Back in Ohio, we had eleven freshwater tanks.  He got into salt tanks here because the fish aren't as expensive here in Texas.

We ate lunch there.  The center is one huge tank.  It is awesome.  You have to walk around the tank.  There are sharks, turtles, rays, etc.

They have an encounter area where you can touch rays, bamboo sharks, horseshoe crabs, starfish, urchins, shrimp, etc.  It explains also what a bonus oil platforms are to sealife.  If you were to remove them, you would kill millions of sealife.  Even when oil companies are done with the platforms, they leave it for the sealife.  Very interesting.

The shark encounter is really neat.  You ride the train into a building.  When they turn the lights on, you are in a tunnel of glass with sharks swimming over and next to you.  Very neat.

They have two white tigers also.  That is really neat.  They even have sleep overs for the kids to learn more about tigers.

There is also a sealife carousel.  Bri rode it three times with her Aunt Linda.  We got the all day pass.  It allows you admission to the aquarium, the train ride, the carousel, and the huge ferris wheel.  It was a bit too chilly to ride the ferris.  That is a George and Bri deal.  Mommy doesn't care for heights.

It is a fairly inexpensive trip.  An all day pass is 15.95.  Plus for us, it is only a 15 - 20 minute drive.  Depending on the traffic. 

The lunch is more expensive than I care to pay, but it was a treat from Aunt Linda.  I had a salad and Lobster Bisque.  Bri had pizza.  George had a steak sandwich.  He can't eat seafood watching fish.  LOL
Linda had a Cajun pasta dish with shrimp.

They have dancing water jets that the kids play in when it is hot.  Bri loves that part.  She was very disappointed that it was chilly.

Have a great day!