Thursday, February 18, 2010

Beautiful sunny morning

It is sunny and beautiful here this morning.  But chilly.  We hope to see the upper 50's or low 60's this afternoon.  Bri got to play outside a school yesterday and we took her to the park after school.  So she was happy.  She needs to run out some of that extra energy.

Not much on the list today.  Job work, laundry, cleaning, and dinner.  Not sure what I am making for dinner today.  I think George put steaks in the refrig to thaw. 

Been pouring thru the seed catalogs.  I can't wait to try out this new zone.  I am a huge gardening fan.  I will miss the great compost provided by our rabbits we had in Ohio.  Did wonders for my roses.  It will be containers here.  It will be a test to see how creative I am.

Do you hang out your clothes?  I did in Ohio.  But here in this development where we are staying, you aren't allowed to have a clothes line.  Isn't this the dumbest thing you have ever heard???  There are stray dogs running around everywhere, but we will get fined for a clothesline.  I will be glad when we get our feet on the ground and look for a place.  No clotheslines.  It just is silly.

Here is a recipe:

Easy Lemoney Chicken

Season and saute boneless chicken breasts.  When done, set aside.  Add lemon juice and chicken broth to skillet and boil until slightly thickened and add a bit of butter.  Add chicken and warm.  Turn to coat the chicken with the sauce.  Great with rice or noodles.

Have a blessed day.

Bri at the Houston Zoo in July 09.   This is when we first moved down to Texas.


  1. Gardening is a real challenge for me as I have more failures that successes. Here in OK we have some pretty clay-like soil.

  2. Yeah, My landlord "Told me" that the neighbors who live in houses were complaining about me hanging my laundry on my apartment's balcony. "Because you could see it from the street." It's a cultural thing that people think it looks "impoverished", because decent people can afford dryers.

    Did you know the average household spends over $300 a year drying their clothing? It's one of the least-efficient appliances in the home.

    Funny thing is, I only ever hung blankets, towels, and sheets out to dry...never clothing or unmentionables. (Those I hang inside in my windows.)

    I could wax long on this topic, but I think I'm going to withhold; but do check this site:

  3. This is such a funny thing. I will air dry clothes as much as I can. With everyone "going green" you would think it won't be a big deal!!


    They call the soil peanut butter here!!!!

  4. Look carefully at any subdivision's rule list, they are very prohibitive everywhere around Houston and some will even measure your grass and fine you if it is too long. I know someone who had to have their roofing choice approved and don't even think you can paint your house what color you want...gah!

  5. That is the way it is here. What a joke. I would never buy into this mess. I will be glad to get our own place!

  6. NO clothesline - I could not live without my clothes hanging out in the fresh air. Even when it rains I have discovered that I can hang the shirts in the laundry overnight and they will dry. I HATE dryers.

  7. Amy - hoping you're still feeling better and better. Yep, you should get your own place. I can't wait to get my clothesline put up. I gotta find a place out from under the trees tho! I love the smell of the laundry, specially the sheets and towels, dried outside! I bet you can't even have rabbits in your division either. I do hope you like gardening in Texas. Things need LOTs of water. It does get might hot!

  8. Subdivisions always have crazy rules. Most of them are the stupidest rules you'll ever hear. Hope you get your feet planted fast so you can get out of there! I've only ever had a garden when I was really little. But this year i'm determined to try to have a small garden! Any tips for a first timer. I live in Michigan on an old farm.

  9. I've never hung my clothes up to dry, but it's a big thing to do here. I just need to buy one of those spinner things. We have a washing machine & a dryer--something some people don't have--but the dryer takes a long time to dry and I just see the electric bill going up and up and up. I do hang the towels... let them dry just a bit in the dryer and then hang them on our upstairs railing. I know it's not outside, but it'll do for now!

  10. Love it. Lower electric bills and great smelling clothes.

    I can't wait to get my hands in the dirt!!!

  11. We used to dry our clothes outside. I live in the city, and my clothes might end up smelling like fish, or bus exhaust. I think it would all depend on how the wind blows.

    Good luck with your garden. I love growing veggies, and fruit.