Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Over the hump day.

Been working at my job work.  So this will be another short post.

Didn't feel much like stitching last night after staring at the computer all day.  I ended up watching A&E for a couple of hours last night.  Love the paranormal shows.  I'll watch Ghost Hunters tonight.

Do you believe in ghosts?  Have you seen one?  Just knew something was around?

I believe very much so.  There was a shadow that hung around the stairwell to our upstairs back in Ohio.  Even Brianna asked who that was on the steps.  I know something also watched over Brianna's crib when she was little.  Her toys would play even when they were turned off.  She would be laughing or talking and I would go in her room and she was looking in the corner above her crib.

Tell me your story.

Have a good day.

Bri and her friends from Ohio.  She is wearing the pink tank.


  1. That creeps me out! I do believe the Bible talks about 'spirits' but I don't believe it meant ghosts. God's angels have HIS power in the unseen world so I feel safer knowing that.

  2. I agree Parsley. :-)

  3. I know whatever was watching over Brianna when she was a baby was there for good. We all have angels watching us, don't we?

  4. I believe in ghosts,spirits of those who have died. I think we had one in the house I grew up in. One day the kitchen door closed and the pantry door opened and closed all by itself and these were doors you had to turn the handles to open. I was the only one who saw it and I don't think my Mom believed me. Never felt anything bad but maybe it was someone who used to live on the property a long time ago. The house was built in the 40's on what had once been farm and our yard was where the barn used to be.
    Love Ghosthunters and sometimes miss it as I don't have TV service now.