Sunday, July 16, 2017

Blessings on Sunday

What a beautiful day here.  Went to Mass and came home for lunch. Had a wonderful spinach salad with bacon, cranberries, and Parmesan cheese.  My favorite.

Glad to have the afternoon off.  Been off since Thursday.  Working a few hours a week at Kroger as a cashier.  Just passed my year mark.

My sweet buddy, Johnny Reb.  We have had him about a year and a half.  What a wonderful gift.

Katy and Shane Kitty are still here.  They love to sit on the balcony.

Shane Kitty loves to nap on the couch.  Doesn't want to be bothered.   LOL.

Well, laundry needs done.  Then my book "The Benedict Option" is calling.  God Bless and have a wonderful day.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

A whole lotta changes going on.

Been a long time since posting here.  So many changes.

We are now a Catholic family.  We attend a beautiful Tradition Catholic Church that has the Latin Mass.  Queen of Angels.  Has brought so much to our lives.  Can't wait to share all of the beauty of living a Traditional Catholic life.  

Crochet is still one of my loves.  Here is a blanket that is on my hook now.

Here we are at the beach

My handsome Hubby

Bri and me

So glad to be back.  God Bless and have a good night.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

All my little seedlings

Almost all of my seeds are coming up.  I am very grateful for that.  I enjoy seeing all the little green poking thru the dirt.

The weather has been very up and down here as usual in Texas.  We have had 80 degree days and we have had 42 degree nights.  Spring is always a roller coaster here.  We can get some very nasty weather here in March also. 

I am still working on baby blankets.  I have one done and another started.  I hope to have 20 made to take to the ladies.  I haven't started hats yet.  They are on my list.

I signed a challenge to read 100 books this year on Good reads.  I haven't got off to a good start.  But I have about 10 books waiting for me that I got at the library.  

Bri in her new dress.  One of the other girls was kind enough to pass down this dress.  Bri was tickled to wear it.  

I am in the middle of the 40 bags in 40 days challenge also.  I have managed to get about six bags of donations.  I think that is pretty good.  It is a great incentive.  

Well, a good book and a nice cup of tea is calling.  Take care and God bless.

Mrs. Rooster

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A quiet evening at home.

I am sitting in my favorite chair.  Bowl of homemade chili made by my wonderful Hubby in my hands.  Bag full of my latest crochet project at my feet.  

It has been a good day.  The day started with our new pal, Johnny, letting us know that he is ready to start his day.  He is a good little fellow.  Let's us know when he needs out.  Johnny came into our lives about a month ago.  He is a rescue dog.  He is a Chiweenie.  He also is very cute and knows it.  Katy, our Brittany Spaniel, has taken to the little fellow also.  She has been so much more active since he has come here.  Shane Kitty isn't too amused by the whole thing.  He tolerates Johnny, somewhat.  He likes to smack him if given the chance.  

Got to my client's early and got his townhouse cleaned.  After that I planted some more seeds.  Yesterday I planted herbs and some tomato seeds.  Today I planted lettuce seeds and Thyme.  

It was a balmy 80 degrees yesterday.  Got very spoiled.  A bit cooler today with 60 degrees and a pretty good breeze.  Had to go back in for a sweater. 

I decided to do the 40 bags in 40 days Challenge.  I have made a huge difference in my place.  Lots of clothes out and old toys.  

I am working on baby blankets to donate to a local birthing center.  I am doing a rose and creme one right now.  I am going to do a blue and creme one next.  I also want to make some hats.

Our school year is coming along.  We added Rainbow Girls.  Bri loves it.  She enjoys the meetings and the other girls.

Got a little teary eyed at this.  She is really growing up now.  Yes, those are my pink cowboy boots that she is wearing.  She is so pretty all dolled up.  

I am well on my way on my journey to converting to Catholic.  It has been an interesting ride.  Lost some so called friends.  Gained some new friends.  People are very strange.  You never really know where God will call you to be.

Yep.  This is us at Christmas.  Yes, she is growing like a weed.  

She is wearing my wedding dress.  We married in 1997.  Another civil war re-enactor.  Yippee!  

Well, I guess I better stop there.  Have a great night and God Bless.

Mrs. Rooster

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Yes, I am still around.

Yes, life gets crazy.  Here are some photos I would like to share.

Can you believe how much she has grown???  She is now 11.  


Friday, May 29, 2015

Slobbering love affair.

Ok, I have to admit that I have a slobbering love affair with Nutella.  I had to give up peanut butter since I am fighting leaky gut.  I put off trying Nutella.  I don't like Hazelnut coffee or Hazelnut creamers. I didn't think I would like it.  My Rooster gave me strawberries and Nutella.  I was hooked.  Yes, I actually ate like three bananas with it on them yesterday.  I was thinking all the wonder things that it would taste good on.  Like 'nilla wafers.  OOOps, I can't have 'nilla wafers.  Darn.

I have also found that I now have an aversion to bread.  I just can't eat it.  I tried gluten free bread.  I can't do it.  I had some like corn bread and it wasn't too bad.  Especially in baked potato soup. 

What is the hardest thing for you to get use to on a new diet/lifestyle?  What has been easy?  What tastes good to you that didn't before?

Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

My review of "The One" by Ryan & Amanda Leak

I received this book from Bloggingforbooks for an honest review.

I wanted to love this book.  I really did.  I love stories about marriages that are great.  But this book didn't hold my interest.  I was very disappointed.  I just couldn't connect with it.  It seemed like too much of the story was about the wedding.  The wedding really is a small part of a marriage.  I am not sure if it was a generational thing.  I just didn't like this book.  I am very happy for Ryan & Amanda.  But I give this book a big miss.

My Rooster and I will be married 18 years in August.  We eloped on a Monday morning.  Our marriage has had ups and downs.  I like to think that we have an awesome marriage.  But we spent so little time on the wedding part. 

What was your wedding day like?