Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day

You are a fantastic Father, My Rooster.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

How much life changes.

My life has been crazy the last few months.  Was so glad to see 2017 go.  Hopefully 2018 will be much better.

We got 53 inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey.  Never have i saw so much rain.  So thankful that we are on the second floor apartment.  Lots of my friends near my Parrish lost everything.  The church lost it's book store and damaged the school.  An elderly man got swept away going to check on the church.  

My Mother stopped taking her medicine and had her hip replacement surgery.  The surgery went well.  The next day she had a massive stroke.  She is now at a nursing care facility.  My Dad has had a very hard time.

The store that i work at was robbed.  The person that was at the customer service desk was me. Can't say too much about it as it is still an open case.

Never prayed so much as over the last few months.  Broke a Rosary because i held it so tight.

Just trying to find a new normal for me. Still work part time and home school. So much has happened.  God's plan is in there somewhere.  Just don't understand it right now.

God Bless ya'll and have a good day.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

August already??

Alright, how did it get to be August???

We celebrated 20 years married.

Had a birthday.

Phew!  Has been so hot and humid here.  Bri swims almost every night.  Even Hubby and me go out late at night and swim.

We have decided to start "school" on Sept 4th.  Bri is having too much fun with a new friend and wants to get as much time in before the girl has to go to public school.  

My Mother is going to have two surgeries in the next month.  We would appreciate prayers for her.  Thank you so much.

God Bless and have a great day.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Feast Day of Saint Martha of Bethany

My Saint is Saint Martha of Bethany.  Her feast day is July 29th.  She is the Saint of home keepers.  You should know her also as the Martha from the Martha and Mary story from the Bible.  Sister to Lazarus, friend of Jesus.
Great place to get lots of great resources for color pages, projects, and learning materials.

Another place to get great recipes and ideas.

Today was a laundry day.  We spent the day at Hubby's sister's house.  She is kind enough to let me use her washer and dryer as we must use the laundry mat here.  And there are days that we really need to use a bigger machine to do blankets or have more laundry than we care to pay to wash. So we go for the day and use her machines.  The dogs love having the day to run around with us.  She also has cable, which we do not.  Bri loves to watch Doctor Who and a few other shows.  Hubby and me watched old episodes of Laramie.  We are very addicted to old Westerns. Hubby does handy man type work around her house.  

The weather here has been very, very hot.  Lots of pop up thunderstorms.  We can get lots of rain in a very short amount of time.  Bri has been in the pool almost daily.  Thankfully, the sun is off the pool by about 5pm.  Hubby and me have also gone out and took a nice swim after work.  Love that we can swim late in the evening.  The pool is almost as warm as bathwater.   

Still trying to read "The Benedict Option."  Very good, but lots to think about.  

Well, it is late and well past my bedtime.  God Bless you and yours.      to old e.